You know that red dot that sits in the upper right corner of your macOS apps? That’s the close button. Thing is, it doesn’t actually close those apps. Instead, it minimizes them and leaves them running. For someone that is accustomed to a close button actually closing an app, that can get rather annoying. Well, fortunately there’s an app for that.

Said app is called RedQuits. This app does one thing, and it does it well. Once installed, if you click that red button in the app title bar, the app will actually close. If you’re like me, this means you can gain a bit more efficiency to your macOS desktop.

Let me show you how easy this app is to install and use. Installing is as simple as installing any other app, the only difference is that you won’t find it in the Apple App Store. Simply download it, and then double-click on the installer.

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The only step that might trip you up is that the app requires the Accessibility API enabled. When prompted, click Open System Preferences and then, in the resulting window, click the lock in the lower left corner, type your user password when prompted, and then enable the feature for RedQuits.

Once you’ve done that, the installation will complete, and you can then open the RedQuits preferences window from the Dock Launchpad. In that window, you can enable RedQuits to start automatically at login, quit only when one window is left for the app (which is helpful when you run multiple windows for the same app), and activate RedQuits.

And that’s all there is to RedQuits. Once installed and enabled, with a single click, that close button does exactly what it should do–close apps.