Apple’s iOS 13, the latest version of iOS, is now available for general install. iOS 13 contains new and exciting features for owners of compatible models (iPhone SE or newer), such as dark mode, an improved Maps app, a Reminders app, and more.

There’s no reason to hold off on updating your iPhone to iOS 13, especially since Apple makes getting this free update simple. Follow this walk-through of how to install iOS 13.

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How to install iOS 13

Getting the new version of iOS on your iPhone only takes a few taps.

First, find the Settings app on your iPhone and open it. If your phone has been communicating with Apple’s update servers, you may already notice a red notification dot on the app’s icon, which indicates that iOS 13 is available and ready to install; if not, you can give it a nudge to start the process yourself.

Find the General menu option in Settings and tap on it. One of the first options you should see is Software Update. Tap on that.

Your iPhone will likely say it’s checking for updates, and in a few seconds iOS 13 should show as available.

Tap Download and Install and wait–it can take some time to download a new version of iOS, and it can take even longer immediately upon release.

Be patient, and before you know it, you’ll have iOS 13 installed on your device. Then it’s off to discover all the new features and hidden improvements iOS 13 has to offer.

Image: Apple