If you have an available Nextcloud server, you will happy to know the combination of the server’s built-in WebDAV service and LibreOffice‘s Save Remote File feature allows you to save documents directly from your desktop to the server. Once you set up this connection, it will always be available for quick access.

Let’s walk through the process of configuring your LibreOffice to Nextcloud connection. I assume you already have a user account on your Nextcloud server and that your machine running LibreOffice is on the same network.

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How to find your WebDAV address

To locate your WebDAV address, follow these steps. (I am using the latest release of Nextcloud, so keep that in mind because earlier releases located this information elsewhere.)

  1. Log in to your Nextcloud account.
  2. Click the Apps drop-down in the upper left corner.
  3. Click Files.
  4. In the bottom left corner, click the Settings gear icon to reveal your WebDAV address (Figure A).
  5. Copy that address.

Figure A

How to create a new connection

Open LibreOffice Writer and click File | Save Remote File. In the resulting window, click the Add Service button and then, in the next window (Figure B), select WebDAV. If your Nextcloud server is configured to use https, click the check box associated with Secure Connection and enter the port number (most likely 443). If you’re using a standard http connection, leave the Port option as 80 and keep the Secure Connection box unchecked.

Figure B

For the Host option, enter the IP address of your Nextcloud server. In the Label section, type a name for the connection (such as Nextcloud). The root section is where the Nextcloud WebDAV address comes in–paste the information you copied from Nextcloud (minus the IP address) here. The Root section would look something like this (depending upon the information you received from Nextcloud):


Click OK to save the connection. You will be prompted to enter your credentials for your Nextcloud account. After you successfully enter your Nextcloud username and password, you will be prompted to save the LibreOffice file. Give the file a name, select the file type filter (such as .odt, docx, etc.), and click Save.

That’s it–you’ve configured the LibreOffice to Nextcloud connection. The next time you need to save a file to your Nextcloud server, you only have to go to File | Save Remote File, select the Nextcloud server from the Service drop-down, give the file a name, select the file type filter, and click Save.

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Cloud made simple

Nextcloud and LibreOffice make it incredibly simple to save files to your company or personal cloud server. Once you set this up, you’ll be saving to Nextcloud as easily as to your local machine. And because those files are in the cloud, you can access them from any machine that can reach your network.