Have you made the switch to Firefox yet? You should. For so many reasons. Firefox is probably the most feature-rich browser on the market. Now with less bloat! One really nice feature is the New Tab page. Not only can you gain quick access to frequently launched websites, you can also get recommendations for related pages and more. I use the New Tab page a lot; so much so, that I wanted to make it my Firefox home page. Unfortunately, what should have been a very simple configuration, turned out to be a bit of a challenge. Once I finally figured out how to do this, it was an embarrassing head-to-desk moment. I want to save you from slamming your forehead to that immovable object, by demonstrating how easy it actually is to set the New Tab page as your Firefox home page. Here’s how.

Open up Firefox and click on the menu button. From the menu, click Preferences. In the General section, locate Home page and type about:newtab in the text area. That’s all there is to it. Now, when you open Firefox or click the Home button, the New Tab window will appear. That was far easier than you or I thought it would be. And with that New Tab page now set as your Firefox home, you might be so inclined to make use of the short list of features it offers–all in the name of making your browsing experience more streamlined and efficient. Thanks to Firefox.