Data is the driving force behind almost every business. Companies need to capture information on every element of their products and services from how well the supply chain is running to what customers are buying in the grocery. Data experts rival software developers in terms of hiring demands for 2021. Companies are looking for data professionals to help manage this work that ranges from the cloud deployments to user desktops. 

This roundup of TechRepublic Premium resources will help you hire the right person for your data team. You’ll also find support for strengthening your data security posture. End users and IT teams alike need to understand acceptable and unacceptable data use and access. 

Use these checklists, guides, and policies to make sure your data strategy is smart and secure. 

Hiring Kit: Data Engineer

Finding the right person for your data team is a strategic imperative. Whether you need a new employee who can analyze data or make sure that it is being collected and stored correctly, this hiring kit will help you define the precise job requirements for all open data positions. 

Cloud data warehouse guide and checklist

Selecting a cloud provider is another critical element of any data strategy. Your company is trusting a vendor to store data securely and make it easily accessible at the same time. This selection guide and accompanying checklist provides a roadmap for defining your needs and avoiding pitfalls while making this important selection.

End user data backup policy

Data backups are no longer an afterthought. Regular and recent copies of a company’s data are a crucial component of any security strategy. Ransomware and other cyberattacks are now the cost of doing business, which means that companies need a clear and current policy on end user data backup.

IT staff systems/data access policy

Appropriate access to data is another important component of IT security. It’s easy to provide too much access when a new employee joins the organization and to forget to revoke this access when an individual leaves the company or moves to another department. Having a policy in place will also set expectations for users about what is acceptable or not. 

Tools and tips for creating data backups on Linux servers

If you are new to Linux or need a refresher on how to complete data backups, this collection of tips and tools will help you with that task. There are multiple options for completing this vital responsibility and Linux expert Jack Wallen walks you through the process.