Despite the great need for tech staff, jobs in technology are notoriously some of the hardest positions for employers to fill. Matching skilled employees with the right company can be a challenge, and, to address this, Indeed has created a new tech-hiring platform, Seen by Indeed, where employers can be matched with candidates of all skill levels.

Seen builds on Indeed’s previous incarnation of the site, Prime by Indeed, but added algorithms and proprietary automation features. It focuses on the need for tech staff with a diverse set of skills and experiences. It uses an algorithm to match talent with job opportunities, and even includes candidates from nontraditional backgrounds who have relevant adjacent abilities.

In addition to the upgraded algorithm and “career coaches,” Seen added a proprietary automation feature, FastMatch, which cuts the time between the job posting and when it is sent to the candidate.

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Platforms such as this are gaining in popularity because it’s undeniable that many a job search has turned into a Tinder–like quest, with prospective employees poring over available positions, and potential employers scrutinizing submissions in search of transparency and the perfect match.

Competitive as a general job recruit is, tech is even more demanding, a reported 65% more so than other kinds of employment. Recruiters for all sizes of all industries find it increasingly mandatory to build a better tech organization and/or tech department. But a potential plethora of positions doesn’t necessarily make it easier for either employers or job seekers. Job postings can be cryptic, and skilled professionals cannot often tell if they are well suited to a posted position. Simply put, pairing the right match up of employers and job seekers is no easy task.

Despite the obvious need for tech employees, some vital jobs remain open. One of the hardest tech position to fill is software engineer, and job posts often remain unfilled for more than 60 days. Other difficult to fill tech positions are: front-end developers, product managers, development operations engineers, QA engineers, and cloud engineers.

Seen is free to job seekers, and the site offers five contacts per month. Employers foot the cost and companies can choose from two different memberships–the standard at $500/yr, which provides 20 contacts per month or Professional Unlimited at $10,000/yr, with as many candidates as needed (both active and passive), with complete candidate details upfront.

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