Every now and then we all fall into the trap of using jargon. It’s kind of hard not to. A fresh buzzword is appealing. Sadly, the freshness never lasts.

Here are our top 10 worst IT jargon.

10. Deploy

A software update is not a missile. Or the Imperial Fleet. We sincerely wish it were that epic.

9. Code Monkey

It’s really nice to think that a job that takes years to learn and an exceptionally sharp mind, could be assigned to an animal whose most advanced tool is a stick.

8. Cloud

We don’t have anything against the cloud, though, it should be noted that just because it’s on the internet, doesn’t mean it’s a cloud app.

7. Scale

Sounds like the growth your business is experiencing is that of a skin condition.

6. Silo

You mean you’re separating something. And our bet is it’s not wheat chaff.

5. Herding cats

It’s great imagery. It’s also completely overused.

4. Onboarding

It’s when you bring on a new employee… except it sounds like there are pirates involved.

3. Gamification

It’s the most Seussian word in IT. It means using game-like elements. The real game is finding web apps that don’t use it these days.

2. Paradigm

This SAT vocab word refers to a set of beliefs and was most effective the first 50 times you used it.

1. Architect

Specifically in verb form. As in, let’s architect a paradigm shift in which everyone decides to stop talking to us.

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