Image: Sarah Tew/CNET

Dozens of the world’s biggest and best monitor makers have used CES 2021 to show off their latest and greatest screens for both business buyers and ardent gamers.

With millions still working from home due to the pandemic, high-quality screens have become a must-have for anyone spending inordinate amounts of time behind a keyboard.

Here are some of the monitors debuted during CES 2021 that business pros and gamers will want to get their hands on.

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Optix MPG341QR

Image: MSI Computer

MSI Computer’s Optix MPG341QR is built to offer games and has an extra-wide display that can be adjusted and adapted for your needs.

At 34″, the monitor comes with built-in features like AI Crosshair, OptixScope, night vision, adaptive brightness, Smart RGB, and more.

With 2560×1440 (WQHD) resolution, 1ms response time, a 144Hz refresh rate, and a wide IPS panel, the monitor is tailor-made for gaming enthusiasts.

LG UltraWide and UltraFine Monitors

Image: LG

LG’s new UltraWide 5K monitor was a CES 2021 Innovation Award honoree and has a sleek curved Nano IPS display panel with a wide color gamut and built-in WUHD 5K2K resolution.

LG said the monitor’s curved display allows for sharp picture quality, pinpoint color accuracy, and even comes with Intel’s Thunderbolt 4 connectivity

The company also debuted the latest in its UltraFine monitor lineup, announcing the release of the 31.5-inch, 4K-enabled LG UltraFine OLED Pro. On Twitter, the company said the Pro was “a beautiful 4K display with individual dimming for every one of its over 8 million pixels.”

The display has a built-in HDMI port, headphone jack, one USB-C port, three USB-A ports, and two DisplayPorts.

ViewSonic’s VP3286-8K and VG2440V monitors

Image: ViewSonic

The VP3286-8K is one of many monitors ViewSonic debuted at CES 2021 but drew particular praise because it is the company’s first 8K ColorPro monitor, according to CNET.

The company said the display was built specifically for the kind of photographers who need a monitor that can handle a wide array of colors, and with native 8K resolution as well as Adobe RGB 99%, the 32-inch monitor does just that. The monitor will be available this summer and will come with a USB hub, DisplayPort, and Thunderbolt 3.

The company also unveiled the VG2440V monitor, a 24-inch display that is best for those who have to spend a lot of time in video conferences. It comes with a built-in webcam and will be available this month.

It comes with 1080p resolution, dual 2W speaker stereos, an adjustable HD camera that can be shuttered as well as a microphone and VGA, HDMI, DisplayPort, USB A/B and Audio-Out ports.

Samsung’s G75 curved gaming monitor

Image: Samsung

The G75 from Samsung is the company’s first curved gaming monitor that comes with UHD resolution and HDR1000 brightness.

Gameplay in 4K is increasingly becoming a demand of gamers and this monitor delivers just that, with Samsung writing that the monitor offers “sophisticated” visuals and “immersive gameplay.”

“G75 features Samsung’s signature 1000R curvature, as well as a core lighting design on the back and an eye-shaped lighting design on the front, in keeping with the brand’s aesthetically designed gaming monitor lineup,” the company explained.

Dell’s Alienware 25 Gaming Monitor – AW2521H

Image: Dell

The latest gaming monitor from Dell, the Alienware 25 Gaming Monitor, is 24.5 inches and features what Dell says is the “world’s fastest 360Hz refresh rate.”

The monitor also comes with Nvidia’s Reflex Latency Analyzer, which allows gamers to measure the latency of their system and gain a better understanding of end-to-end response times from click to action.

Dell’s Alienware 25 Gaming Monitor features 1ms GtG response time and Fast IPS technology.

ViewSonic TD1655 Portable Touch Monitor

Image: ViewSonic

In addition to the other monitors the company debuted at CES 2021, ViewSonic also gave consumers a glimpse of their 15.6-inch, portable TD1655 touch display.

The small monitor was designed to be portable and is built to travel with 1080p resolution, an anti-glare screen, and a 10-point projective capacitive panel.

Users will be able to write on the monitor using the stylus pen that comes with it. It also has two USB Type-C ports, one of which offers an innovative new feature: two-way power charging.

One of the USB Type-C ports allows users to either provide power to a laptop through a USB-C power bank or AC adapter/outlet and it can also be powered from a connection to a laptop.

ASUS’ ROG Strix XG16 and ROG Swift PG32UQX

Image: ASUS

ASUS showed off two new displays at CES 2021: The ROG Strix XG16 and the ROG Swift PG32UQX.

The 15.6-inch ROG Strix XG16 has a built-in battery that allows it to run without an external power source for up to three hours. It also has HDMI and USB type-C ports, as well as a kickstand that gives it support from a variety of positions.

The ROG Swift PG32UQX is a 32-inch 4K gaming monitor that comes with 10-bit-per-pixel color depth and a 4K panel that supports a 144Hz refresh rate.

ASUS said in a release that the monitor offers users a “full-array local dimming across 1,152 zones, enabled by Mini LED technology, delivers a rich image with brilliant colors and also detailed shadows and highlights, enhancing the picture quality and presenting a greater sense of realism and immersion in HDR games and multimedia.”