Nearly half of contact centers around the world have deployed cloud-based solutions, with another third in the process of implementation, according to an IDC white paper sponsored by Genesys.

The 400 professionals surveyed in the paper represented organizations across 27 countries and in multiple sectors, as noted in a press release. The report noted that, while digital transformation is happening at companies of all sizes, mid-sized firms are increasingly turning to the cloud to boost productivity, efficiency, and more. Some 85% of respondents fell into this mid-sized category, meaning they had contact centers with 300 seats or fewer, the report said.

Among those surveyed, the report found five key benefits arose as firms shifted their contact centers from an on-premises deployment to the cloud:

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  1. Improved customer service – 72%
  2. Adding new social media features, chatbots, and other tools for customer interaction – 75%
  3. Better agent efficiency and productivity – more than 70%
  4. Improved scalability for business needs – 71%
  5. The ability to move from a CapEx to OpEx model – more than 66%

“A remarkable percentage of those surveyed already have or are planning to implement cloud-based solutions, for a wide variety of reasons and associated benefits that a cloud-based contact center environment enables,” Mary Wardley, IDC vice president of CRM apps, said in the release. “As more organizations deploy cloud solutions, the sector will undergo a worldwide revolution in the way consumers are able to interact with companies and how employees work.”

If you’re considering a cloud migration for your contact center apps, or any other enterprise apps for that matter, it’s important to understand your migration options. One of the easiest options is to lift-and-shift apps to run in virtualized environments in the cloud. However, for a more in-depth migration, apps can be partially or fully re-factored for use in the cloud.

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The big takeaways for tech leaders:

  • More than half of mid-sized companies are moving their contact centers to the cloud. — IDC and Genesys, 2018
  • By moving a contact center to the cloud, companies can see improved customer service, new features, better productivity, and more.