With 3D printing and related technologies taking off, nanotechnology–science, technology, and engineering done at the micro level–is making a difference in everything from improving healthcare to reducing climate change. Follow these 10 nanotech accounts for a real-time look at what’s happening in the nano universe.

NanoMagazine: @NanoMagazine

Based in Scotland, NanoMagazine is a great source for interesting #NanoNews and feature stories from the nanotech world. Sample Tweet: “Nanotechnology could lead to touchless displays superseding touchscreens.”

Nanotechnology: @Nanotechnology

This account, started in 2008, was the first to snag the nano name. The tweets can be a bit dry and virtually all are links to content from nanowerk.com, but there are some interesting tweets, too, like how “bursting nanoparticles might deliver agents that alter gene activity in cancer stem cells.”

Nanotech News: @Nanotech_News

Offering news updates, R&D projects, jobs in nanotech, and industry press releases, this is a good spot to check out for some big (and nano) news for this industry.

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NNI Nano News: @NNInanonews

Based in Arlington, VA, NNI Nano News is the official site for the US National Nanotechnology Initiative, directing back to nano.gov. Tweets, often about interesting webinars, breaking nano news, and more, are written by Marlowe Newman, Director of Communications.

Nano Report: @NanoReport

The Nano Report has more than 20,000 Tweets, drawing from across the web to bring you the latest in all things nano.

NanoWiki: @NanoWiki

This account, by @josep_saldana in Barcelona, tracks “nanotechnology, nanomedicine, and nanotoxicology.” Unlike many of the other nanotech accounts, this one frequently engages with the rest of the Twitterverse, retweeting and responding to content.

Nature Nano: @Naturenano

Located in London and Hong Kong, Nature Nano, a multi-disciplinary journal, is an interesting place to look for ways that nanoscience and nanotechnology are impacting the natural world.

NNN: @Nanomfgnet

The National Nanomanufacturing Network (NNN), based in Amherst, MA, is an “alliance of academic, government, and industry partners cooperating to advance nanomanufacturing in the US.” A lot of photos and retweets can be found here.

Nanotech Network: @Nanonetorg

Another Twitter account that pulls from interesting nano news across the web is @nanonetorg, which is worth including on your nanotech list. Want to learn how a “New partnership paves way for improved HIV treatments through nanomedicine”? This is where you can find out.

ACS Nano: @ACSNano

This early account is from The American Chemical Society in Los Angeles, CA. Tweeters are editor Paul Weiss and ACS Nano staff. Lot of pretty graphs and cool visuals, covering nanotech across the globe.