Image: Maciej Frolow/Stone/Getty Images

Low-code application development platform provider OutSystems announced Monday the release of Cloud Accelerators for Amazon Web Services one day ahead of Amazon’s virtual Cloud Innovation Summit on May 11 and 12. The accelerators are designed to help developers build applications faster by leveraging AWS-native functionality in plug-and-play fashion.

“Think of the Cloud Accelerators like recipes that come with a few pre-packaged ingredients, just follow the instructions, and Voila!, they include all that’s needed for developers to… leverage key AWS services for each of these critical use cases,” said Barry Goffe, senior director of Platform Strategy at OutSystems.

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According to Outsystems’ website, Cloud Accelerators for AWS offer developers an OutSystems sample composed of wrapped AWS Cloud Services and a recipe they can follow to customize each accelerator. All Accelerators contain one demo, a sample app and a tutorial or documentation and extra resources.

“These resources layer business context on top of the AWS services and enable developers to essentially drag and drop these capabilities in the OutSystems platform, fast-tracking the creation of enterprise-grade solutions,” Goffe said.

Initially, OutSystems is delivering seven accelerators that target customer experience transformation, workplace innovation, process optimization and technology modernization. The accelerators combine components, samples and training to help developers build and evolve applications that leverage key AWS services. The seven accelerators include:

  • Digital Identity Verification provides users with an onboarding experience that includes identity verification workflows, such as face matching, which compares a photo of the individual with an identifying document such as a driver’s license. This accelerator leverages functionality supplied by Amazon Rekognition and Amazon Simple Storage services (Amazon S3).
  • Video Call Validation delivers video engagement for use cases such as identity verification during customer onboarding or field services support. This accelerator leverages functionality supplied by Amazon Kinesis or Amazon Chime.
  • Self-Service Chatbot is designed to help call center operators by providing artificial intelligence-powered chatbots that can escalate calls to a human support agent as required. This accelerator leverages functionality supplied by Amazon Lex and Amazon Comprehend services.
  • Customer and Employee Engagement Virtual Personal Assistant offers developers the ability to integrate voice and VPAs into their builds. This accelerator leverages functionality supplied by Amazon Alexa.
  • Multilingual Chatbot functionality provides developers with chatbots in any language. This accelerator leverages functionality supplied by Amazon Translation Services, Amazon Polly and Amazon Transcribe.
  • Multilingual Video Interaction delivers real-time video interaction to support new customer engagement use cases. This accelerator leverages functionality supplied by Amazon Kinesis, Amazon Translation Services and Amazon Transcribe.
  • Personalized Streaming Experience provides individualized workplace experiences such as employee onboarding and training. This accelerator leverages functionality supplied by Amazon DynamoDB and Amazon S3.

“OutSystems has an ongoing commitment to arm development teams with the best capabilities to build modern applications in the cloud,” said Paulo Silva, partner at everis, an NTT DATA company, in a statement. “Expanded resources like the Cloud Accelerators will help us as we continue delivering projects to our global customers and further address complex business requirements across many industries and use cases.”