What is Pipedrive?

Pipedrive is a customer relationship management tool designed to help sales teams track the development of leads from conception to closure. The software contains features that allow users to store and pass along information on customer preferences, contacts and status, creating a flow that can keep a goal-driven team on target for meeting sales expectations.

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What is Trello?

Trello is a project management tool designed to enhance the flow of everything from basic content development to the setting and progress of goals. The desired goal or content is contained in cards that can be shared among teams who can then add, edit and enhance details while keeping track of task completion and status. All information is contained on easy, at-a-glance boards.

Feature comparison: Pipedrive vs. Trello

Drag-and-drop cards
Workflow automation
App integration
Custom fields
Calendar integration
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Head-to-head comparison: Pipedrive vs. Trello

Task management

Both Pipedrive and Trello rely on the creation of cards, which then get displayed on a kanban board so that individuals, team leaders and executives can see progress at a glance. Notes can be added to cards, and cards can be customized for a user’s needs.

Pipedrive’s cards, though, are geared toward customer relationship management for sales teams, allowing leads to be listed as “hot,” for example, and prioritizing and assigning those leads based on their potential. Contact information, callbacks and the posting of deal progress are all prominent features of Pipedrive cards. Pipedrive also features the use of dropdowns more prominently in its cards, a feature which helps with automation functions.

While Trello could function as a CRM tool, it is designed more generally for project management. For example, a website rebuild could be mapped out easily on Trello, with tasks assigned to different team members and deadlines established. Different boards can be created for each site section and other users can be tagged as editors, contributors or viewers. Photos, PDFs, links, spreadsheets and Word files can be added to individual cards, consolidating needed information in one place.

Pipedrive and Trello have generous free user limits, but both feature upgrades that allow for more integration and storage. Pipedrive, for example, allows for 3,000 “open deals” for free on its platform. As businesses grow, those limits can be expanded through upgrades. Trello allows for 10 open boards at a time.

Both project management platforms are easy to use, with advanced time-saving tools available for those willing to explore. Managers and rank-and-file workers alike will find plenty of reasons to use either platform and adapt them to their advantage.

Collaboration and task assignment

Pipedrive and Trello each have the ability to bring in multiple team members on a project and assign specific tasks to individuals. The checklist function in Trello allows for the tracking and measuring of project progress, which can be an advantage when reporting on projects to C-suite executives. Similarly, the tracking of deals in Pipedrive can help executives plan future initiatives based on success rates.


The display boards for Pipedrive and Trello are similar, featuring customizable tabs to keep track of project flow and progress. The drag-and-drop feature on each allows for ease of assigning, and managers can quickly assess where any project stands based on its status within the boards.

Within an individual user’s display, however, Trello allows for the creation of a board to focus on daily planning and goal setting, a tool that assists with individual performance.


Trello has four pricing options:

  • Free: Free, intended for individuals.
  • Standard: $5/month per user, intended for small teams.
  • Premium: $10/month per user, intended for teams that need multiple tracking methods.
  • Enterprise: $17.50/month per user, intended for organizations.

Pipedrive is priced as follows:

  • Essential: $14/month per user, with a limit of 15 reports.
  • Advanced: $29/month per user, with a limit of 30 reports.
  • Professional: $49/month per user, with a limit of 150 reports.
  • Enterprise: $99/month per user, with unlimited reports.

Choosing Pipedrive or Trello

A company’s choice between Pipedrive and Trello rests almost solely on the function of the firm. Looking for a sales optimization tool? Pipedrive is probably your tool. Seeking to manage projects beyond sales? Trello’s general setup presents more options.

The twist is that, when integrated, Trello and Pipedrive can function together, allowing users to experience the best that both project management tools have to offer.

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Subscribe to Project Management Insider for best practices, reviews and resources. From project scheduling software to project planning apps, stay up to date with the latest in project management tools. Delivered Wednesdays