If you want to post your Instagram images directly to a
WordPress blog, you can do that by using Polevaultweb’s Instagrate to WordPress plugin (Figure A). You can set up the plugin so that publishing an Instagram image automatically creates a WordPress blog post with the image title as the blog post title. You can also use the plugin to integrate your Instagram account with multiple WordPress blogs — you just follow the same steps for each WordPress instance.

Figure A

I’ll describe how to download, install, activate, and integrate the free version of the plugin so your Instagram account can automatically post to your WordPress blog. (Instagrate Pro starts at $35 for one site and allows video integration and hashtag filtering as well as multisite capable options with versions that range up to $255 for unlimited sites and lifetime support.)

Prerequisites: You must have an Instagram account and an established WordPress blog with an administrator role username that can install plugins from the WordPress dashboard. You should also have installed the Instagram app.

Integrating Instagram with WordPress

1. Log in to your WordPress blog using an administrator role username and
password combination (Figure B).

Figure B

2. In the WordPress dashboard, click the Plugins tab on the left side
toolbar (Figure C).

Figure C

3. In the Plugins panel, click the Add New button (Figure D).

Figure D

4. In the Search text box, type Instagrate to WordPress and then
click the Search Plugins button (Figure E).

Figure E

5. The Instagrate to WordPress plugin should be the first one in the list (Figure F). Click the Install Now link.

Figure F

6. If a warning message pops up and asks Are You Sure You Want To
Install This Plugin? click the OK button (Figure G).

Figure G

7. After the plugin is installed, you’ll see the confirmation message
(Figure H). Click the Activate Plugin link.

Figure H

8. After the plugin is
activated, you can view it in the Plugins list. Now click the Settings link below the plugin’s name (Figure I) so you can link it to your Instagram account.

Figure I

9. Inside the Instagrate to WordPress Settings panel click the
link to Log In (Figure J) so you can associate and authorize the plugin to access
your Instagram account using your Instagram Username and Password combination
(Figure K).

Figure J

Figure K

After you correctly authenticate and associate the WordPress plugin
with your Instagram account, you can start configuring how the plugin will automatically add image posts to your blog. A portion of the Instagrate to WordPress Settings panel is
shown in Figure L.

Figure L

This completes the installation of the plugin. So, get your mobile device and snap an image using your Instagram app,
give it a caption, and then click Done. Now go to your WordPress blog, and you’ll
see your new image automatically posted on your blog.

An example image as displayed in Instagram and then on an integrated WordPress blog is shown in Figure M and Figure N, respectively.

Figure M

Figure N

Settings options

In the plugin’s Settings, you can tweak how your Instagram images get posted
within your WordPress blog. These are four possible options.

  • You can indicate which image you want to start
    posting from within your Instagram account by making a selection from a drop-down
  • You can specify the image width size you want set as the
    default for posts, as well as any special CSS classes you want to assign.
  • You can configure how the image is stored and presented, with options for setting as post or featured image, setting the post category,
    post author, post format, post date, post status, and any custom post types.
  • You can set the default post title for the
    images as well as any custom title text and custom body post text.