On Thursday, Atlassian announced that it will sell its chat platforms Hipchat and Stride to rival Slack, which will promptly shut them down and migrate users to its ruling workplace collaboration offering.

The move is part of a new partnership between the companies, as Atlassian realized the workplace chat businesses was not as profitable as expected with Slack dominating the space, according to a blog post announcing the change.

Slack and Atlassian products have long shared many integrations, the post noted. With this partnership, the companies will continue to build those integrations together, deepening those between Slack and Jira Cloud, Bitbucket Cloud, and Trello, as well as exploring others.

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Atlassian will also discontinue Hipchat Server and Hipchat Data Center, and migrate those customers to Slack as well.

“This partnership is about a joint vision of simplifying and automating the huge amount of effort that teams everywhere expend to stay aligned, coordinated, and productive,” according to a Slack blog post about the partnership.

In terms of timing, teams will no longer be able to sign up for Stride starting on July 26. Existing groups will be able to continue to add users and use Stride and Hipchat products until February 15, 2019. Hipchat Data Center and Server customers will have support through the end of their license period. Atlassian will provide a “preferred migration path” to Slack for all customers to make the transition smooth, the post noted.

However, customers don’t have to move to Slack if they don’t want to, and can choose any other alternative messaging platform they like, with options for exporting their data, Atlassian noted. While Atlassian will not offer migration tools for platforms other than Slack, companies can find instructions for exporting data from Hipchat Cloud, Server, Data Center, and Stride to other systems here.

Other options for company collaboration platforms include Microsoft Teams, a chat platform for Microsoft Office 365 customers designed to simplify group work. Workplace by Facebook is the business-focused version of the social media platform for collaboration and messaging. Glip by RingCentral has also positioned itself as a chat option for SMBs in particular.

Slack currently has 500,000 organizations on the platform, totaling 8 million users, according to a Bloomberg report. In comparison, Microsoft has 200,000 organizations on Teams.

The big takeaways for tech leaders:

  • Slack will acquire Atlassian’s chat platforms Hipchat and Stride, shut them down, and migrate users to its own collaboration system.
  • Hipchat and Stride users who do not want to migrate to Slack can look to other options such as Microsoft Teams, Workplace by Facebook, and Glip.