Engineers and developers on Twitter have strong feelings about the Cloud Native Computing Foundation’s chart (shown in the background of this image) that maps the products, services, and players in the ecosystem.

If you’ve ever tried to visualize the ecosystem of cloud native computing, it might be better to live in ignorance.

The Cloud Native Computing Foundation’s attempt at visualizing the applications, companies, platforms, and services sparked a hilarious conversation on Twitter this week.

Senior Oops Engineer had a strong and vulgar reaction to the chart that includes 1,452 cards with a total of 2,394,657 stars, market cap of $20.29T and funding of $68.44B. The “interactive landscape” has a card or profile for each entity on the list that includes links to resources and social media accounts as well as a description of where the entity fits in the ecosystem.

You can use the sort feature to show a slice of the entire chart but the full view is overwhelming.

This complex world was familiar to a few readers.

The CNCF was definitely the villain and not the hero in this conversation.

Some people worried about this chart getting into wider circulation.

Image: TechRepublic

Image: TechRepublic

Other people saw an opportunity for professional development.

There are a few voices of reason in the thread.

Kaslin Fields, developer advocate at Google and a CNCF ambassador, used the metaphor of sampling junk food at an amusement park as another way to understand that giant eye (strain) chart. KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America 2020 Virtual are Nov. 17-20, if you’re looking for a chance to decode the cloud native landscape.

If you’d like to stick to independent learning, you can order a puzzle from Etsy and get hands on experience putting the 1,000 pieces of the cloud native landscape together.