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Welcome to another edition of “Tech News You May Have Missed”. This is a series where we recap TechRepublic’s biggest stories of the last week, in case a big story slipped by. Each week, the five most important or impactful news stories of the week will be recapped in this recurring series.

Data breach of NFT marketplace OpenSea may expose customers to phishing attacks

In this story, Lance Whitney discusses why customers of OpenSea should be wary of potential cyberattacks and what effect this breach will have on a large NFT market.

What you should know: An internal user error led to a number of email addresses being shared with threat actors, leading to the exploit.

PennyWise malware on YouTube targets cryptocurrency wallets and browsers

Cedric Pernet goes into detail about this new type of stealer malware and how to best protect users and their devices from this threat.

What you should know: The malware only steals RTF, DOC, DOCX, TXT and JSON files smaller than 20kb. Unfortunately, this can lead to crypto wallets being exposed to adversaries.

Amazon CTO shares the secret to writing great code

Writing code that will stand the test of time is tricky, but Matt Asay digs into Werner Vogels’ comments on the future of software development.

What you should know: Being curious to better understand the needs and requirements of the business can lead developers to writing lasting code.

How cyber criminals are targeting Amazon Prime Day shoppers

With Amazon Prime Day approaching for next week, it is imperative that customers are looking to secure sensitive information such as credit card details. Lance Whitney discusses what scams users should be aware of.

What you should know: Phishing attempts run rampant with customers purchasing goods on Prime Day, so users should abide by the seven tips set forth by Lance in the article.

The 12 best IDEs for programming

In this piece, Franklin Okeke runs through what an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) is, what it does, and which programs are popular amongst the developer community.

What you should know: IDE’s provide a great deal of support for software developers, and can save precious time coding through the use of the program.