Michael Krigsman, host of CXOTalk, spoke with TechRepublic about the shifting role of the CIO:

“So I’m here at DES and I’m hosting the CIO Summit. Really, the focus is, what is the role of the CIO going forward. Are CIOs going to be marginalized into being infrastructure, providing infrastructure? After all, the knowledge of digital, the knowledge of computing has now proliferated through organizations.

On the other hand, what I think is going to happen is digital transformation creates tremendous opportunities for the CIO. The CIO is the one position, one role in a company that sees every department. And so this creates opportunities if the CIO can make a mindset shift from being the technologist, kind of the woman or the man in the back office looking over the dotted, or the flashing lights, the equipment. Make that transition into talking about the business needs. This means really profoundly understanding the business needs that are going on around the organization, and do you know what that means? It’s no longer a technology role, it’s a business role. And so you add agility, you add speed, you add responsiveness to this, and then the other big theme is, and this is not new, but it’s ongoing, is CIOs have to do more with less. What does that mean? It means their budgets are being cut, their talent, their headcount is being cut, but now they need to be innovation partners, and how do you balance that?

And these topics are our focus at the CIO Summit at DES today.”

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