Tech is one of the toughest glass ceilings for women to break through: Women held just 25% of professional computing occupations in 2015, according to the National Center for Women & Information Technology–down from a high of 36% in 1991.

Further, tech’s gender pay gap is also worse than the US national average, according to a Glassdoor report, with women in the field earning on average $0.94 for every $1.00 men earn.

However, progress is being made in many companies. Comparably, a compensation and job reviewing site, examined its database of thousands of salaries, job titles, and employee ratings and reviews shared in the past year to determine which companies and cities offer the best cultural fit and compensation for women in the tech industry.

The top cities for women working in tech based on jobs and highest median salaries were San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Seattle, Austin, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, and Washington, DC.

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Here are the top eight companies for women in tech, as rated by female employees.

1. Cornerstone OnDemand

Santa Monica, CA

Cornerstone OnDemand, a cloud-based learning and talent management solutions provider, reached no. 1 on the list. Female employees reported that the company’s flexible schedule, talented teams, unlimited PTO, positive environment, and visionary leadership make it a great place for them to work.

2. Slack

San Francisco, CA

Cloud-based team collaboration tool Slack offers women workers great compensation, a clear vision and goals, and empathetic team members, according to the report.

3. Indeed

Austin, TX

Female employees said that job search site Indeed provides a fun, feedback-driven, collaborative environment, with perks including unlimited PTO and quarterly bonuses tied to performance.

4. Hubspot

Boston, MA

Marketing and sales software company Hubspot’s female employees cited the company’s agile teams, fast product release cycle, and respectful environment for both employees and customers as reasons why it’s a great place to work.

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5. Zenefits

San Francisco, CA

At Zenefits, a cloud-based human resources software company, employees said that in just three months new CEO Jay Fulcher turned a volatile company culture into a workplace with a clear strategy that was more transparent, effective, and fun for employees. The company also offers large commissions.

6. Zillow

Seattle, WA

Women enjoy working for online real estate database company Zillow due to its highly-competitive compensation packages, a family atmosphere, and hands-on leadership that leads by example. However, they noted that it is difficult for men and women to get hired at the company, as they seek out a 100% culture match, Comparably found.

7. Salesforce

San Francisco, CA

Cloud computing giant Salesforce offers female employees a strong work-life balance, philanthropic opportunities, and a supportive, employee-centric culture. Women also reported that the company’s transparency and innovative products make it a good place to work. Last year, the company spent $3 million to close the gap between what men and women make.

8. Chegg

San Francisco, CA

Online textbook rental company Chegg’s high hiring standards lead to quality teams, female employees reported. Competitive salaries, a positive, mission-driven culture, and transparency from leadership bring it to no. 8 on the list.