The worldwide cloud infrastructure services market grew by 37% in Q3 2019, totaling $27.5 billion, Canalys found. Amazon Web Services (AWS) persists as a dominant figure in the market, with growth of $2.3 billion, equal to the year-over-year growth of the other two key players combined.

Canalys’s research, released on Wednesday, found that AWS accounted for 32.6% of overall cloud growth in Q3 2019, while Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud accounted for 16.9% and 6.9%, respectively.

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Cloud adoption has grown significantly in the enterprise, with 64% of professionals reportedly already using or planning to adopt industry cloud in the next 12 months, according to a recent TechRepublic Premium survey.

Multicloud and hybrid cloud IT models are currently the most popular for organizations, the research found. Multicloud uses multiple heterogeneous cloud services, which is useful for companies looking to use multiple vendors or specific cloud types for different purposes. Hybrid clouds involve a combination of products from public cloud providers and private, on-premises hardware, useful for industries with variable workloads.

End-user organizations are searching for the best cloud platforms to run cloud-focused digital transformation initiatives. Many choose to invest across multiple cloud providers to “spread risk,” according to the research.

“This balancing creates a huge demand for channel partners to provide consulting, migration, integration, and management services across multiple platforms,” Daniel Liu, Canalys research analyst, said in a press release. “The channel is becoming a new catalyst for continued growth for hyperscale cloud service providers, particularly as competition intensifies.”

Google’s strategy emphasizes specific applications and verticals, in an attempt to become more relevant to enterprise customers and is opening new cloud data center regions around the world, the research noted.

The consistent leader in cloud, AWS, plans to launch its Outposts server by the end of 2019. This service extends AWS to customer data centers and edge environments, for the first time, reflecting another major cloud vendor’s attempt to reach more users.

The last big player in the market, Microsoft, remains competitive with its recent partnerships with Oracle, VMware, and SAP, creating better credibility with enterprises moving to the cloud, as noted in the release.

As these cloud giants continue evolving, the research predicts 2020 to be a massive year for cloud. Alibaba, the No. 4 global cloud provider, plans to extend its reach into worldwide distribution in the next couple years, and IBM is working on bolstering its multicloud management proposition for Red Hat partners.

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Image: Canalys

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