Building a slide deck, pitch, or presentation? Here are the big takeaways:

  • Product development engineers, directors of product management, and data warehouse architects boast the highest average salaries of workers in Silicon Valley. — Indeed, 2018
  • Software engineers, front end developers, and full stack developers are the most in-demand jobs in Silicon Valley going into 2018. — Indeed, 2018

Job growth in Silicon Valley is slowing down: Between 2015 and 2017, tech job postings in the area decreased 18%, according to a new report from job search site Indeed, as more companies move to areas such as Seattle and Washington, DC, which have a slightly lower cost of living.

But the Valley still remains the tech hub of America, with firms such as Apple, Google, Salesforce, and Facebook recently building new campuses or signing leases in the area. And many of the tech professionals there still fare well in terms of salary, Indeed found.

“With these industry leaders continuing to expand and invest in the area, tech professionals can feel confident that Silicon Valley will remain the top location for their skill sets for the foreseeable future,” Raj Mukherjee, Indeed’s senior vice president of product, wrote in a blog post about the report.

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Here are the top 10 jobs in Silicon Valley, ranked by salary.

1. Product development engineer

Average yearly salary: $173, 570

2. Director of product management

Average yearly salary: $173,556

3. Data warehouse architect

Average yearly salary: $169,863

4. DevOps manager

Average yearly salary: $166,448

5. Senior architect

Average yearly salary: $161,124

6. Principal software engineer

Average yearly salary: $160,326

7. Senior solutions architect

Average yearly salary: $158,329

8. Principal java developer

Average yearly salary: $156,402

9. Senior software architect

Average yearly salary: $154,944

10. Platform engineer

Average yearly salary: $154,739

“These salaries are unadjusted and so do not go as far in the Bay Area as they would in competing markets with lower costs of living,” Mukherjee wrote in the post. But a past Indeed report found that the Bay Area is still the no. 4 area where tech salaries go the furthest, after Charlotte, Atlanta, and Austin.

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A number of other roles remain in demand in the Valley, according to Indeed. Here are the top 10 tech roles that account for the largest share of job openings in the area.

  1. Software engineer
  2. Front end developer
  3. Full stack developer
  4. Product manager
  5. DevOps engineer
  6. Software architect
  7. Java developer
  8. Software test engineer
  9. Senior product manager
  10. Engineering program manager

In terms of what jobs to look out for in 2018, cloud engineers and automation engineers are likely a solid bet as those two industries continue to grow, Mukherjee wrote.

“With shake ups in industry practices, burgeoning tech hubs around the country and emerging trends in technology, 2018 promises to be a notable and perhaps even pivotal year for Silicon Valley,” he added.