The coronavirus pandemic has shifted remote work from a privilege to a necessity, as municipalities and states issue shelter-in-place orders. The orders not only require nonessential employees to stay at home, but ask that individuals only exit their homes for essential reasons including a visit to the grocery or doctor’s office.

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Even parks have closed down, causing many individuals to become a little stir crazy. Working and home and living at home, people still need to move around. The following six standing desks can help make your work day a little more active.

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UPLIFT V2-Commercial Standing Desk

Image: Uplift

The electric UPLIFT V2-Commercial Standing Desk is the upgraded version of the regular V2 Standing Desk. This new version features 35% thicker legs, a stability crossbar, three-stage legs, and meets the ANSI/BIFMA G1-2013 Height Standard. That standard means that when paired with a 1″ thick desktop, the frame can accommodate 95% of people, from an individual who is 5′ tall and sitting down to a person standing at 6’3″.

VIVO height adjustable 36

Image: Amazon/Vivo

This adjustable riser sits on the surface of a solid desktop, transforming any desk into a standing one. The platform is 36″ by 22″, allowing space for a single or dual monitor/laptop setup. The converter also has a dedicated keyboard tray that raises in sync with the top surface. Users simply squeeze a handle and adjust the desk to their desired height.

Seville Classics AIRLIFT pneumatic laptop computer mobile desk cart

Image: Amazon/Seville

This tabletop can adjust from 29.3″ to 43.5″ and anywhere in between with its AIRLIFT lever. The simple, sturdy design comes on wheels, allowing for easy mobility around your house. However, the desk doesn’t have to be mobile and can be locked in place when need be.

Jarvis standing desk bamboo top

Image: Amazon/Jarvis

The Jarvis sit-stand desk supports 350 lb. lifting capacity with a quiet motorized electric height adjustment. The OLED touch programmable handset on the desk allows for four memory preset options for quick adjustment. The desk comes with a wire management grommet to keep cables secure and organized as well as a choice of environmentally friendly finishes.

Sabine electric adjustable standing desk

Image: Wayfair

The Sabine electric desk is a sleek surface for those with a modern style. The desk can be assembled in less than 10 minutes and features a drawer to store office supplies, a built-in USB port, and cable management. With the programmable controller, the desk can rise between 28″ and 48″.

Pinellas Height Adjustable Standing Desk

Image: Wayfair

For professionals wanting a more traditional office desk look, the Pinellas adjustable standing desk is ideal. The desk appears like a normal sitting desk, except the top piece can be lifted to accommodate standing. It comes with three drawers for storage, cable management, and a shelf to display or place necessary items.