Tamara McCleary, CEO of brand strategy firm Thulium talked with TechRepublic at the Digital Business World Congress 2018 about preparing future professionals for jobs that don’t exist yet:

“So in Dell Technologies’ Realize 2030 report, what I thought was really staggering statistic was that 85% of jobs in 2030 won’t have been invented yet. So I’m a mom so I think about when you ask your kids, ‘Hey what do you want to be when you grow up?’ It’s almost a ridiculous question now because how could you possibly know what you want to be when most of the jobs when you get there won’t be available. So this is exactly why I think our greatest asset is our ability to learn because we can’t plan ahead by taking knowledge from the past and pasting it on to some future job that hasn’t even been created yet.

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Technology is evolving and as technology evolves this is where these openings of other positions in the workforce will occur. We don’t know, just say for example, augmented reality, virtual reality, mixed realities and extended realities. Because we’re still in that adolescent phase there, we have no idea what those are gonna be like as they mature and then what kinds of opportunities is that gonna open up. When you think of all these immersive technologies and the explosion with that, I think people are gonna really be attracted to using that more. So social media will no longer be a flat screen experience, it’ll be an immersive experience and in that sector alone, imagine all the jobs that will be created as that technology becomes more and more sophisticated. So that’s why I think it’s our ability to learn and not get stuck on I want to be this or I want to be that because who knows, you can be whatever you want to be and it may not even be here yet.”