ZipRecruiter’s fast facts

Pricing: $16 per day per job or $299 per job per month.

Key features:

  • Smart dashboard.
  • Job description templates.
  • Candidate search.
  • Application and résumé review.
  • AI matching technology.

Try ZipRecruiter’s four-day free trial to see if it’s the right recruiting platform for your business.

ZipRecruiter is an employment marketplace platform that offers tools and resources to help businesses and organizations source and hire qualified candidates. Employers can create job postings, search for and connect with potential candidates and review applications and résumés on the platform.

On the other hand, ZipRecruiter allows job seekers to browse and apply for job openings. The platform works to simplify the job search and hiring process and to make it more streamlined and efficient for job seekers and employers. Read on as this resource will tell you how ZipRecruiter can be used to make employment connections and facilitate relationships between employers and workers.

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How much does ZipRecruiter cost?

ZipRecruiter provides a four-day free trial of its service and has several different plans for small and medium-sized businesses to choose from.

Usage pricing for ZipRecruiter’s Standard and Premium plans ultimately depends on the number of job postings an employer chooses to generate. Alternatively, Standard and Premium plan employers can also choose ZipRecruiter’s monthly discounted rate, where they pay a flat monthly rate per each job posting. The Pro plan is billed as a monthly service.


The Standard plan lets employers source and hire talent at a low cost. It provides dashboard features and posting capabilities and enables businesses to reach a wide range of candidates through AI. This plan costs $16 per day per job after the free trial period ends, or $299 per job per month for the monthly discounted rate.


The premium plan lets employers connect with candidates using the same features as the Standard plan. However, this plan also allows businesses to reach more candidates and access the ZipRecruiter résumé database. After the free trial period ends, the plan costs $24 per day per job, or $419 per job per month for the monthly discounted rate.


The Pro plan lets businesses reach the most candidates, with additional features like TrafficBoost for hard-to-fill openings. It also has seamless integration with external applicant tracking systems. The Pro plan costs $719 per job per month after the free trial period.

ZipRecruiter’s main features

ZipRecruiter offers features and capabilities that enable employers to find and connect with a diverse selection of candidates to hire qualified workers for their open roles.

Smart dashboard

ZipRecruiter’s smart dashboards let employers easily sort, review and rate candidates. The platform can then use feedback from these ratings to send them similar applicants in the future.

Job description templates

ZipRecruiter provides 500+ customizable templates, so employers can easily create job descriptions that accurately represent their open roles.

Candidate search

Employers can search through ZipRecruiter’s large pool of job seekers and contact potential job candidates based on their qualifications. With advanced search filters, it’s easy to narrow down potential candidates by specifying factors like job titles, location, industry and more.

Application and résumé review

Employers can evaluate potential candidates by reviewing their job applications and résumés. Easy-to-use filters and exporting capabilities make it easy to assess résumés and source quality talent.

Notifications and alerts

Employers can set their notifications to alert them when new résumés matching their open jobs are added to the ZipRecruiter Résumé Database.

Data-driven strategies

ZipRecruiter’s dedicated specialists use real-time data to develop data-driven campaign strategies that target specific audiences. Data-driven budgets can help them meet their recruiting goals.

Job post distribution

ZipRecruiter will get job posts in front of more eyes by distributing them to 100+ top job boards. It will also display job posts to millions of candidates through daily job alert emails and the ZipRecruiter mobile apps.

AI matching technology

ZipRecruiter’s powerful matching technology uses AI to scan through job seekers’ résumés and find quality candidates for employers’ open roles. The platform then actively invites them to apply for the open position.


  • While other employment platforms may lock employers into a 30-day job posting, ZipRecruiter lets employers close their job slots and open new ones as soon as they fill their roles.
  • The ZipRecruiter candidate search and application review features make it easy to organize and filter job seekers to find the right fit.
  • Employers can reach more qualified candidates quickly thanks to ZipRecruiter’s job post distribution.


  • Unfortunately for employers, applicants with unfinished applications can sometimes pass through the platform, wasting their time on low-quality candidates.
  • This can be expensive for smaller organizations or ones looking to only post a few jobs.

ZipRecruiter alternatives

SoftwareZipRecruiterIndeedLinkedIn Talent SolutionsHubstaff Talent
Free plan for job postingNoYesYesYes
Sponsored postsYesYesYesNo
Unlimited job postingYesNoNoYes
Candidate matchingYesYesYesYes
Starting price for paid plans$16 per day per job postPay-per-click Sponsored Jobs with a daily budget starting at $5 per job post$170 per month or $1,680 per yearFree job posting


The Indeed logo.
Image: Indeed

Indeed provides employers with hiring resources to help them through each step of the onboarding process. The popular solution is excellent for creating low-cost sponsored posts that will boost engagement from applicants. It allows businesses to automate various hiring tasks, including scheduling, screening and communication. Employers can easily identify the best candidates using Indeed’s ready-to-use skills test, and Featured Employers can even produce branded advertisements for job postings targeted toward job seekers.

LinkedIn Talent Solutions

The LinkedIn Talent Solutions logo.
Image: LinkedIn

LinkedIn Talent Solutions helps businesses streamline their hiring process through its robust features. Employers don’t need to worry about wasting their time on unworthy leads as the program matches their open positions to qualified candidates using insights from a job post, the company and the job seekers. It’s also easy to get started since LinkedIn provides job description templates to help employers create a job post that will attract qualified candidates. LinkedIn also only charges employers when a candidate views their job post.

Hubstaff Talent

The Hubstaff Talent logo.
Image: Hubstaff Talent

Hubstaff Talent is an entirely free service for both employers and contractors. It helps employers even after their contractor has been hired by providing Hubstaff time-tracking tools and multiple options for paying staff through the service. Hubstaff Talent also makes it possible to hire remote workers locally or abroad, enabling them to connect directly with contractors across the globe. Finally, Hubstaff Talent shares job posts on its social feed and other job boards and sites to give them maximum visibility.

How does ZipRecruiter work for job seekers?

ZipRecruiter allows job seekers to access and apply for job opportunities across various industries and locations. The platform offers several resources to streamline the job search and application process.

Platform profiles

Job seekers can advertise their qualifications to potential employers by creating a profile and uploading their résumés to the platform.

Seeking opportunities

ZipRecruiter provides many ways for job seekers to access and follow through with job openings. They can then seek and apply to job openings that align with their skills and experience.

Job seekers can even set up job alerts that notify them of new job postings that match their search criteria or use personal recruiters to match them with appropriate open roles.

Streamlined applying

ZipRecruiter supports job seekers in preparing for job interviews with resources and articles that provide tips and tricks to perfect résumés and land their ideal roles.

How does ZipRecruiter work for employers?

ZipRecruiter helps employers find and connect with candidates to hire talent for their open roles.

Seeking talent

Employers can use ZipRecruiter to search for potential candidates, view their applications and résumés and reach out to them through the platform.

On the ZipRecruiter platform, employers can generate and launch job postings that explain their openings and attract potential candidates. ZipRecruiter then sends job descriptions to other job site platforms to reach more job seekers.

Connecting with candidates

Once employers have generated a job description, they can use ZipRecruiter to connect with job seekers. One way to do this is through the platform’s matching technology, which matches open jobs with candidates with the right qualifications and invites them to apply for the job.

Employers can search through candidates and select their favorites using the platform. ZipRecruiter even lets employers send pre-written messages to potential candidates, asking them to apply for open roles. This can be a helpful way to attract more attention to the job and get the position filled fast.

Hiring staff

ZipRecruiter takes the hassle out of talent sourcing with its efficient hiring capabilities. For example, employers can add screening questions to job posts to weed out unqualified candidates from applying.

Once the job has been filled, employers don’t need to wait to post a new one. By closing the filled position and replacing it with a new one, they can quickly proceed with their staff onboarding.

Employers can optimize their hiring strategy and onboarding costs with the help of ZipRecruiter’s dedicated specialists, who develop data-driven campaign strategies to meet their recruitment goals.


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