The best blogs for hobby astronomers

If one of your geek hobbies is stargazing and reading about celestial events, you'll want to check out these 14 blogs and one podcast.

Orionid Meteors Over Turkey

I think perhaps the best thing to come from the blogosphere is the ability to learn more about hobbies and interests and connect with others who enjoy the same things. Astronomy blogs offer astronomy buffs the ability to learn about celestial events that they may otherwise have little chance of experiencing or discussing with interesting people from around the globe. Here is our list to take your astronomy hobby from the atmosphere to the blogosphere.

  1. NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day features a new picture or video of the skies on a daily basis.
  2. Bad Astronomy breaks down news and information into easily accessible terms that even the newest of astronomy n00bs can understand.
  3. AccuWeather's Astronomy Blog discusses current astronomy events and how the weather will affect the skies and your ability to see them.
  4. In the Dark is written by Professor Peter Coles, and offers interesting insight into celestial events, astronomy news, and the occasional pithy commentary on unrelated topics.
  5. SkyMania maintains an updated list of astronomy-related news articles and blog posts.
  6. Universe Today reports on astronomy and geology-related events, news, and interests, all while helping astronomy buffs connect with each other.
  7. NASA blogs offers an easy way to keep up with astronomy news and NASA goings-on.
  8. Space Politics features news and opinions about things that affect astronomy and space travel.
  9. Tom's Astronomy Blog is visually lovely, providing in-depth information alongside celestial images and videos.
  10. Cosmic Diary brings together multiple science-oriented topics under one blog, and somehow manages to relate a great many things to astronomy. Multiple bloggers are featured on Cosmic Diary, and it is an interesting mixture of learned people.
  11. Women in Astronomy offers a platform for women in the celestial sciences to share research, experiences, and thoughts on the field. This blogs also works to encourage young women to follow their interests into the sciences.
  12. Megan's Blog is the blogosphere location of astronomy researcher Megan. She offers great insights into astronomy and other science topics.
  13. Podcasts are part radio show, part audio blog, so it seems acceptable to include one on a blogroll. Check out the Jodcast for interviews with astronomers, news, and insight.
  14. CosmoQuest relates astronomy events with their mission. Even more interesting than the blog is the many ways for lay astronomers to work on the quest to map the cosmos.
  15. One Astronomer's Noise is written by an astronomy grad student.

If you read blogs to keep up with astronomy news or to connect with others interested in stargazing, which ones do you find most useful and fun? Share your picks in the comments.

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