Who do employees turn to for all of those odds and ends questions and requests? Often the answer falls to two departments: HR and IT. While these colleagues are often happy to help, determining the most common questions they are asked can help organizations find ways to answer them for employees without disrupting anyone’s workflow.

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By using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, SaaS company Spoke determined the most frequently asked employee questions of 2019 to date, across Slack, email, SMS, and browsers.

Here are the top 10 questions employees asked HR and IT departments the most this year:

  1. What is the wifi-password?
  2. Help me with the printer?
  3. What’s our office address?
  4. What are the 2019 office holidays?
  5. What can you help me with?
  6. How can I reset my password?
  7. When will I get paid?
  8. How do I VPN?
  9. Can I get the company logos?
  10. Help me with Zoom?

Most of these questions are fairly simple, the report noted, instead of more nuanced issues such as life insurance, maternity leave, or dealing with a bad manager. Again, this suggests that companies may find a better way to have answers on hand to help employees and free up time for HR and IT.

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