Nearly 90% of employees consider skills more important than job titles, and interest in gaining new expertise tends to spike at the beginning of the new year. As employees set goals and focus on building better habits for 2019, January is the time to start off on the right foot. But with at least 50,000 skills in the professional world, employees may struggle to hone in on the most important ones for their career growth.

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Using skills data from company job postings, LinkedIn identified the following 10 most-needed hard skills in 2019:

1. Cloud computing

Companies are increasingly moving to the cloud, and seeking engineers who can help with cloud initiatives.

2. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI has infiltrated almost every industry in some form, and will continue to do so even more in 2019.

3. Analytical reasoning

Companies are collecting more data than ever before, and looking for professionals who can take that information and draw business insights from it.

4. People management

Companies increasingly want leaders who can coach and empower employees, rather than the “command-and-control” model of the past. However, this remains a difficult to master skillset.

5. UX design

UX design is necessary for making a digital world work for humans, and professionals with these skills are in high demand.

6. Mobile application development

Mobile development has been in demand for the past several years, as companies continue to design mobile-first platforms.

7. Video production

Demand for video production is growing rapidly, as video streaming represents 70% of all consumer Internet traffic, according to LinkedIn.

8. Sales leadership

While sales skills are always in demand, strong sales leaders are increasingly difficult to find.

9. Translation

In a globally connected world, translation skills are breaking down one of the last remaining barriers: Language.

10. Audio production

Along with video, there has been a spike in interest in podcasts and other audio digital formats, so demand for these skills are increasing.

Lower down on the list were skills including corporate communications and computer graphics. LinkedIn also identified some of the most important soft skills employees should focus on, with creativity, persuasion, and collaboration topping the list.

The big takeaways for tech leaders:

  • Cloud computing, AI, and analytical reasoning top the most in demand job skills list for 2019. — LinkedIn, 2019
  • Creativity, persuasion, and collaboration were the top soft skills companies are seeking in 2019.. — LinkedIn, 2019