10 things developers look for most in a job

Money and time off aren't as important to job seekers as some might think. Here's what developers are really looking for during the job hunt.

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While vacation time and high wages are factors in considering a job, developers are actually looking primarily for professional growth and learning opportunities, according to HackerRank's 2019 Developer Skills Report released on Tuesday.

The report surveyed more than 71,000 developers from across 100 countries to determine the current state of programming positions. When looking at junior developers' priorities, 72% of respondents said professional growth and learning were most important, and 46% of said a healthy work-life balance was a priority.

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The hunt for a healthy work-life balance leads many employees to opt for remote work positions. Working either from home or another location outside of an office provides employees with greater autonomy and flexibility, enabling them to their work without being chained to an office desk. Developers, especially, need frequent changes of pace, which is why the ability to learn and grow is also such a high priority, Vivek Ravisankar, co-founder and CEO of HackerRank, told TechRepublic

"Developers are voracious learners by nature and necessity. They're genuinely curious about new programming languages, frameworks, and new technology in general. Developers will get bored if they're in a role that doesn't allow for continuous learning," said Ravisankar. "Professional growth and learning is also important to them given tech's rapidly changing pace. What you knew a year or two ago might not be enough for you to continue being a leader or expert in your craft."

The report outlined the following 10 factors junior and senior developers look for most in a job:

1. Professional growth and learning

Junior developers: 71.5%

Senior developers and higher: 57.9%

2. Work-life balance

Junior developers: 45.7%

Senior developers: 44.7%

3. Competitive compensation

Junior developers: 31.3%

Senior developers: 42.9%

4. Interesting problems to solve

Junior developers: 35.8%

Senior developers: 33.1%

5. Flexibility

Junior developers: 28%

Senior developers: 33%

6. Company culture

Junior developers: 28.5%

Senior developers: 25.8%

7. Preferred tech stack

Junior developers: 16.8%

Senior developers: 17.8%

8. Strength of engineering team

Junior developers: 13.6%

Senior developers: 17.3%

9. Values aligned with yours

Junior developers: 10%

Senior developers: 12.5%

10. Prestigious company brand

Junior developers: 6.7%

Senior developers: 5.8%

The big takeaways for tech leaders:

  • Developers prioritize continuous learning opportunities and professional growth when seeking a job. -- HackerRank, 2019
  • Company values and prestigious organization brands matter the least to developers on the job hunt. -- HackerRank, 2019

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