Some 39% of tech employees reported experiencing depression, according to a Monday report from anonymous workplace review service Blind. These employees mentioned burnout, high stress levels, insomnia, overworking, and irregular work hours as the major contributors to their depression.

Work overload is one of the top reasons for employee burnout, according to a previous Blind report, indicating that many of these factors go hand-in-hand. Additionally, Blind also previously found that more than half (58%) of tech workers suffer from imposter syndrome–the feeling they aren’t qualified for the job position they occupy–which could also play a role in adding to high stress levels.

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For this report, employees were asked to answer the following question: “I believe I am depressed.” Out of 10,081 respondents in the tech industry, 61% said false, while 39% said true.

The report also examined results based on companies with at least 100 employee responses. Here are the 10 companies where the most employees reported feeling depressed:

  1. Amazon (43%)
  2. Microsoft (42%)
  3. Intel (39%)
  4. LinkedIn (39%)
  5. Facebook (37%)
  6. Uber (36%)
  7. Oracle (35%)
  8. Cisco (35%)
  9. Google (33%)
  10. Apple (31%)

It should be noted that there was no control group for this survey, so it’s unclear how employees in other industries and companies are faring.

Click here to see the full responses on Blind. For tips on how to reduce stress and improve work/life balance, click here.

The big takeaways for tech leaders:

  • Some 39% of tech employees feel depressed, due to burnout, high-stress levels, insomnia, oveworking, irregular hours, and more. — Blind, 2018
  • The top tech companies with the most depressed staff include Amazon, Microsoft, and Intel. — Blind, 2018