The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has businesses between a rock and a hard place. New requirements for touchless services and remote work have created a demand for new products and services. At the same time, economic uncertainty has made it riskier than usual to hire new team members to build these products. In addition, digital transformation is more important than ever, which makes hiring the right people both a long-term and a short-term priority. Once you’ve found the money, the next step is to find the right person. 
If the idea of writing a job description and planning an interview has stalled the hiring process at your company, consider using hiring kits. These comprehensive kits include desirable skill sets, salary ranges, a skeleton job description, list of duties, and desired experiences. With thorough interview questions and ready-to-post job postings for each position, hiring kits make it easier than ever to find, recruit, and ultimately hire the right person for the job.

Hiring Kit: User Experience Designer

Using customer research, workflow analysis, and other data sources, a UX Designer builds  compelling user experiences. A good UX Designer can anticipate a user’s needs and provide experiential solutions as each new question arises. A successful candidate should have strong analytical and problem-solving skills, as well as impeccable artistic and creative talent. 

Hiring Kit: Game Developer

This hiring kit includes extensive interview questions that cover languages and other technical aspects of game development as well as conversation starters that explore a person’s creative ideas. The kit also offers skill sets and personality traits to look for in potential game developers.

Hiring Kit: Data Scientist

Data scientists often have experience in mathematics, statistics, computer science, or economics,andbusiness management expertise in statistical or scientific emphasis are also common. This role requires analytical, statistical, and programming skills to develop an algorithmic methodology to transform high volumes of raw data into useful information to inform business decisions. A strong candidate for an open data scientist job will have the demonstrated ability to use analytical and statistical tools to recognize patterns in business-generated data.

Hiring Kit: Computer Forensic Analyst

As governments pass more laws to protect consumer data, more and more companies have to ensure that they are securing sensitive data. This requires hiring analysts with proficient technical skills, inquisitive and analytical mindsets, and the drive to solve intractable problems. This hiring kit will help you find the best candidate for an open Computer Forensic Analyst position who has the technical, analytical, and communicative skills required, and the ability to learn on the job.