CES 2020, which started January 7 and ended January 10 in Las Vegas, is one of the leading technology events of the year. More than 4,500 companies from across the globe participated in the four-day event and introduced thousands of new, innovative products.

TechRepublic’s Bill Detwiler, Teena Maddox, Karen Roby, and Derek Poore reported from Las Vegas. Keep checking this article for all of our CES 2020 coverage, which includes photos of the best and the weirdest tech, interviews with industry experts, Bill Detwiler’s Cracking Open live demo from the CNET stage, and much more. We will update this article when new content about CES publishes.

Must-see CES 2020 videos

TV teardown: Cracking open a Samsung Q60 QLED TV and Rizmo robotic toy
Get a look at the hardware inside a Samsung Q60 Series QLED TV and Rizmo evolving, robotic toy in a live teardown on the CNET stage at CES 2020.

Must-see CES 2020 photo galleries

CES 2020: A first glimpse at the tech of CES Unveiled
Everything from a flying gondola, sex tech and a $7,000 smart toilet were revealed at CES Unveiled this year.

Photos: Top 10 sleep tech products at CES 2020
Counting sheep is so last year. Conference vendors filled the show floor with sleep tech that will ensure you get your requisite eight hours.

Photos: The weird, the wacky and the cool tech of CES 2020
This year didn’t disappoint when it came to the unusual and the cool. Everything from robot cats, $10,000 smart toilets and talking garbage cans were spotted on the show floor.

Photos: Tech at CES 2020 that makes getting older easier
Health and wellness companies use radar to detect falls and hearing aid apps to isolate one voice in a crowd.

Photos: The 25 best products of CES 2020
There was truly something for everyone at this year’s CES in Las Vegas, whether you were looking for an electric SUV, a new smartwatch, a robot companion or simply a cool new gaming monitor.

Photos: The 10 best smart office products from CES 2020
Between smart cameras, intelligent apps, and ergonomic desks, these are the essential office products or business professionals.

Photos: The 13 most-fun tech finds at CES 2020
Yes, there were creepy robots and questionable (unnecessary) tech at CES 2020, but some pretty fun items were introduced. Here’s a quick look at our favorites.

Photos: 45 books every techie should read
This reading list features books from Gary’s Book Club at CES 2020 and titles about Elon Musk, female entrepreneurs and technologists, AI, and more. You’ll also see recommended titles from Bill Gates.

SEE: CES 2020: The big trends for business (ZDNet/TechRepublic special feature)

Must-read CES 2020 articles

LG to unveil latest displays for airplanes and automobiles at CES 2020
LG is bringing OLED screens to homes, hotels, offices, autos, and jetliners.

CES 2020: Damon and BlackBerry QNX rev up for electric motorcycle release
CES 2020 attendees can “test drive” the Hypersport Pro superbike via virtual reality at BlackBerry’s booth, where riders can see features including CoPilot and Shift in action.

Renovo and BlackBerry QNX to unveil game-changing automotive data platform at CES 2020
This joint effort aims to improve the safety and reliability of in-vehicle systems on autonomous vehicles. Some of the platform’s features will be on display at CES 2020.

Charmin debuts a toilet paper robot and a bathroom smell sensor at CES 2020
Don’t squeeze the Charmin, but do check out the company’s three new futuristic concepts at CES: The RollBot, SmellSense, and V.I.Pee designed to make a smart home even better.

CES Unveiled: A sneak peek at the tech of CES 2020
Find out more about the coolest innovations from CES Unveiled, including a new smart thermometer from Whirlpool and a capsule cocktail maker.

IBM announces app at CES 2020 that tracks coffee bean from farm to cup
Consumers can use the “Thank My Farmer” app to track the origin of the beverage and support fair trade practices.

NVIDIA shows off autonomous tech for cards and robots at CES 2020
Gaming tech isn’t the only thing that NVIDIA is displaying at CES 2020: It’s also using graphics cards to power automated vehicles and AI-powered robots.

BlackBerry and AWS combine forces to create edge-to-cloud platform for automakers
Tech companies announce at CES that QNX will be the OS and Amazon’s IoT Services will provide connectivity for data collection and software updates.

New Chromebooks from Samsung, Asus, Lenovo on display at CES 2020
No matter what you need to do with a Chromebook, the models revealed at CES 2020 can help you get the job done.

D-Link unveils Wi-Fi 6 and mesh routers, 5G products, and mydlink cameras
The company’s latest solutions, featured at CES 2020, forge the path for interconnected, intelligent connections in smart homes.

CES 2020: The trends and tech business pros should care about
Enterprise technologies like AI, data analytics, and 5G underpin the latest IoT gadgets, smart devices, and autonomous vehicles and will be on full display at CES 2020.

Synaptics unveils edge computing video SoCs within an AI framework at CES 2020
New multimodal platform has “perceptive intelligence” for apps including smart displays and cameras, video soundbars and more, company says.

Comcast announces new Wi-Fi 6-certified gateway, security features for internet customers at CES 2020
Comcast is making its internet service faster and more secure with new hardware and free security features that alerts customers to threats.

ASUS releases new displays, gaming notebooks, and routers at CES 2020
The new systems aim to help professionals conduct business in a more productive, efficient manner.

5G, AI, edge, and partnerships discussed at Intel’s CES 2020 news conference
Better streaming, HD gaming, sporting event viewing, a folding PC, a thoughtful autonomous car, and expediting relief aid were on the dock at Intel’s CES 2020 presentation.

CES 2020: Smart homes get a boost with Wi-Fi 6
D-Link is unveiling new routers that enable faster speeds in Wi-Fi mesh systems.

Ford becomes first customer to incorporate Agility Robotics into factory
The car manufacturer debuts the first two robots off the line at CES 2020 and will use them to explore autonomous vehicle businesses, for warehousing and delivery.

IBM points Watson at the marketing world with Advertising Accelerator
CES 2020 announcement says this will make it easier for brands and marketers to use machine learning to optimize ads before they go live.

Human-focused tech drives Samsung with AI, 5G, and IoT solutions at CES 2020
At CES 2020, Samsung introduces Ballie, an empathetic AI robot which respects privacy and encourages fitness.

BlackBerry announces QNX integration with Cylance security systems at CES 2020
The new platform allows automakers and fleet managers to monitor security threats and the overall health of vehicles.

How AI and machine learning can detect changes in Mom’s routine
CES 2020: Learn about a new product to keep seniors in their homes longer using machine learning and IoT.

D-Link ramps up enterprise offerings with Nuclias Connect
At CES 2020, D-Link announced a solution to to Wi-Fi problems that plague small and midsize businesses.

New year, new Bluetooth: LE Audio adds support for hearing aids and shared listening
Announced at CES 2020, the next generation of Bluetooth audio will allow for high-quality listening at low data rates.

Hyundai Motor introduces urban mobility offerings for future cities
The car company shares its three-pronged vision at CES 2020 and says its products will form an ecosystem for transfers and community activities.

Google Assistant integrates with more smart devices, adds features
Updates announced at CES 2020 introduce more complex use cases for consumers along with a suggestion button, scheduled actions, and sticky notes.

GSMA’s biggest changes in the future of devices: 4 discoveries
At CES 2020, a report revealed how influential China and 5G are on the global tech landscape.

CES 2020: Products aim to make life neater for remote workers
ALOGIC unveiled a 3-in-1 product that includes a USB-C dock, a power bank, and a wireless charger.

Hyundai Motor and Uber release full-scale air taxi model at CES
Hyundai is the first Uber Elevate partner with manufacturing capabilities to mass produce Uber Air Taxis.

The 8 coolest robots spotted at CES 2020
The chuckle-inducing toilet paper robot and food-serving BellaBot aren’t the only smart machines causing a stir.

CES State of the Industry: Digital transformation requires partnerships and new priority list
CTA president announces World Bank challenge, Innovation Scorecard winners, and calls for federal guidelines to protect innovation.

CES 2020: Segway unveiling products to support smarter cities
Segway is zooming into the future with the S-Pod and self-balancing scooters.

Delta wants to personalize travel with “parallel reality” airport experience
CEO Ed Bastain announced new app features and partnerships at CES.

Ivanka Trump talks technology and the future of work at CES 2020
At CES 2020, Ivanka Trump joined the CTA on stage to discuss the future of work and the role of technology and STEM education.

Apple exec explains privacy protections while Facebook leader looks for loopholes
At CES 2020, Facebook privacy officer says new California law doesn’t apply because the company doesn’t sell data, only ads.

Delta, Anthem, and Los Alamos Lab join the IBM Quantum Computing Network
IBM announces at CES 2020 that more researchers, students, and entrepreneurs will get access to the IBM Q Cloud to develop use cases.

Predictive tech needs more of everything: Education, data, and regulation
CES 2020 panel discusses the risks and rewards of data-hungry tech ranging from smart home sensors to computer-brain interfaces.

CES 2020: Lenovo rolls out world’s first 5G laptop
Lenovo’s Yoga 5G is the world’s first PC capable of connecting to a 5G network.

10 gadgets business pros can’t live without
Not all gadgets at CES 2020 are weird and wacky. Here are 10 products sure to make professionals’ lives easier.

Ping-pong playing robot proves AI-driven machines can sense human emotion
At CES 2020, Omron is showcasing new AI technology that supports harmony between machines and people.

Samsung’s push into 5G for 2020 and beyond
How 5G will impact our world this year through mobile devices, and what we can expect to see in vehicles in the future.

8 monitors that business pros and gamers need
Dozens of companies showed off their latest display and monitor offerings at CES 2020.

Future of 5G: To mixed reality and beyond
At CES 2020, Qualcomm’s president says the next generation wireless network will enable more than just smartphone functionality.

What do millennials want (and expect to get) from work?
A CES 2020 panel looked into what drives younger professionals, and the answers won’t surprise you but find out why stereotypes exist.

CES 2020: McAfee discovers how hackers can break in through your garage door
McAfee uncovered a security flaw in a popular connected garage door opener and a security design issue in an NFC smart ring used to unlock doors.

3 things you don’t know about policies shaping AI
CES 2020 panel discusses regulation, workforce retraining, and artificial intelligence investments.

Protecting innovation and privacy and the role of government
Concerns about data privacy are growing and CES 2020 panel experts say legislation must come at the federal level.

CES 2020 car show features liquid crystal sun visors, EyeLocks, and smart LiDAR
Software and hardware companies are transforming cars from the inside out.

Renewable energy talk takes the stage at CES 2020
Panel says revolutionizing the world’s energy supply is critical to combat climate change and sustain humanity.

Daimler and IBM on how to build a better battery with quantum computing
Companies announce at CES 2020 that quantum chemistry may be the key to improving lithium-sulfur batteries.

CES 2020: How McAfee’s Just in Time debugger stops cybercriminals
How the Advanced Threat Research Team can stop hackers from stealing personal data from a wearable device.

Asus introduces the ROG Swift 360Hz G-Sync gaming monitor at CES 2020
This 24.5-inch gaming monitor has a native 360Hz refresh rate to reduce eye strain.

CES 2020: ASUS debuts new monitor, mesh Wi-Fi router and accessories
ASUS featured new tools for business pros at CES 2020.

6 Dutch startups at CES 2020 making cities cleaner and smarter
Companies are working on recycling water, multi-tasking lamp posts, and replacing diesel generators with rentable green batteries.

3 necessary components of successful smart cities
A panel at CES 2020 discussed how the crucial cooperation of certain teams creates the infrastructure needed for smart cities.

CES 2020: Neon is an ‘artificial human’ that Samsung wants to be your friend
Samsung’s STAR Labs unveiled a humanoid avatar that is intended to serve as a personal companion.

CES 2020: Google announces user milestone and looks to embed deeper into smart homes
Enhancements to Google Assistant include new scheduling capabilities and more natural sounding voice for reading long-form text.

The smart cities challenge: How tech will update antiquated infrastructures
A CES 2020 panel discussed how blending new tech into established, sometimes crumbling infrastructures, offers renewable solutions.

Sprint at CES 2020: All in on the Internet of Things
Sprint’s IoT announcements at CES 2020 center on smart city tech for businesses big and small.

IBM research director at CES 2020: We will hit the quantum advantage this decade
Q Network users are studying carbon chemistry, route optimization and risk analysis on IBM’s quantum computer.

It’s not me, it’s you: The pros and cons of breaking up big tech
A panel at CES 2020 debated the toxicity of big tech companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Apple.

PATSCAN platform detects hidden weapons, chemicals, and bombs
At CES 2020, Patriot One Technologies explained its PATSCAN platform, which can detect hidden weapons and more without the perpetrator even knowing they’ve been scanned.

The 11 laptops you don’t want to miss from CES 2020
Companies like HP, Samsung, Lenovo, Acer and Dell used the show to market their latest laptop options.

Best of the best: Our 10 favorite CES 2020 Best of Innovation award winners
Ready for some cool tech in your life? These award-winners include items for safety, productivity, accessibility, and health.

How IBM uses blockchain to connect coffee drinkers and farmers
At CES 2020, IBM’s Jason Kelley explains how the Farmer Connect app allows consumers to have more trust in their coffee’s supply chain.

8 products to make your work life easier
CES 2020 had lots of ideas for faster Wi-Fi, more convenient meeting presentations, and blue-light glasses to ease jet lag.

Why big data may help you sleep better at night
At CES 2020, Sleep Number debuted its latest smart beds, which feature climate-controlled technology that gathers data while you snooze.

How Watson AI allows IBM’s Advertising Accelerator to do three key things
At CES 2020, IBM launched its Advertising Accelerator with Watson. IBM’s Dave Neway describes the benefits this solution offers to the advertising community.

CES 2020: Biggest tech trends spotted for business pros
From analytics and AI to 5G and Wi-Fi 6, here’s all the enterprise tech that took center stage at CES 2020.

CES 2020: Why HBO wants us to think twice about data privacy
A Westworld-themed experience gave attendees a creepy glimpse into tech consequences of the future.

IBM: 2020 is a tipping point for 5G
Steve Canepa, general manager of IBM’s Global Media and Entertainment Industry, said that 2020 will be the year that 5G reaches an inflection point and will roll out at scale.

IBM doubles quantum volume in the race for computing supremacy
Jamie Garcia, global lead for Quantum Applications, IBM Research, talks at CES 2020 about how IBM reached milestones in quantum computing in 2019.

IBM, Daimler AG, and ExxonMobil explain why collaboration is vital for success in the quantum decade
Energy and battery researchers say advances in computing and biology are critical for success in their work.

Flying in style: You could be watching a 65-inch OLED TV on your next flight thanks to LG Display
At CES 2020, LG Display showed TechRepublic several use cases for its latest OLED displays in the retail, automotive, and airline industries.

Micron expects significant improvements in bandwidth and performance for business servers
At CES 2020, Micron announced it is now sampling next-gen DDR5 RAM.

Making smart tech for cars is harder than people think
The CTO of Panasonic Automotive explains why building tech for cars is a lot harder than just putting a cellphone in the dash.

Digital transformation: 3 Secrets to success
Every digital transformation strategy must address front-end development, internal systems, and corporate culture. Here are tips from Panasonic at CES 2020.

CES 2020: Why smart cities are relying on IoT sensors to conserve water
Capstone Metering CEO Scott Williamson explains how data analysis and IoT are crucial to the future of water conservation.

Hey Alexa, order me a Coca-Cola Energy Drink
CES 2020: Alexa and Coca-Cola teamed up to introduce show attendees to voice-activated vending machines.

Why blockchain-based cybersecurity may be the answer for vulnerable IoT networks
CES 2020: A “hacked” robot was on display to demonstrate how SigmaDots serverless architecture is poised to fend off IoT security threats.

Why baby boomers are looking to IoT and analytics to stay safe
IoT security is becoming a top-of-mind priority in the personal care industry. Essence group believes it has the solution and had it on display at CES 2020.

The Samsung Galaxy Chromebook is one of the 25 best products at CES 2020, says TechRepublic’s Teena Maddox.
Image: Samsung