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Dell has announced new features for its ProSupport Suite IT software, and new AI-powered Trusted Device security capabilities, both of which should make businesses with large pools of remote workers take notice. If what Dell announced is accurate, these new capabilities could make management of remote hardware — and the people who use it — much simpler.

In its announcement, Dell said that we’ve entered a “do anything from anywhere” world that, unfortunately, has been a nightmare for cybersecurity. “The rapid shift to remote work, increased use of cloud applications and new ways of addressing employee productivity needs have created new threat vectors at the endpoint,” Dell said. “Every business is a target regardless of location, industry or size as threats have grown increasingly sophisticated and sometimes challenging to detect.”

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To that end, Dell has added several new features to its ProSupport Suite for PCs that automate IT tasks and provide new remote management tools that can aid in keeping user machines secured:

  • ProSupport Suite for PC can now automatically and remotely update Dell BIOS, drivers, firmware and applications. Management of the updates can be grouped and customized as well.
  • A new fleet health dashboard uses AI to flag PCs that need support, establish trends and display additional IT metrics.
  • Customized rules engines allow IT managers to determine who receives updates, how they’re administered and more.
  • ProSupport Suite for PC will now be available to channel partners, who can use it to “view and manage the support experience for multiple organizations,” according to the press release.

Doug Schmitt, president of services at Dell Technologies, said that AI is a fundamental part of the future of cybersecurity, and that Dell makes AI-driven security software its core approach. “At the end of the day, the new capabilities are about helping IT leaders see ahead, and stay ahead, while providing workforces around the world the ability to continue collaborating and innovating without disruption,” Schmitt said.

In addition to new ProSupport features, Dell also announced three new trusted device hardware management features that will help keep PCs safe below the operating system level.

The first of the new hardware security features is Advanced Secure Component Certification for PCs, which Dell describes as a supply chain integrity tool that “allows customers to verify Dell commercial PCs and key components arrive as they were ordered and built.”

Intel Management Engine Verification is the second new tool, and it keeps an eye on critical boot processes and system firmware in order to detect tampering. The third, Dell Trusted Device SIEM Integration, adds the ability for organizations to create SIEM dashboards for security events below the operating system level.

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The New ProSupport for PC features will be available to new and existing customers beginning on October 19. Advanced Secure Component Verification is available now for U.S. federal customers and on some Dell commercial PCs; Intel ME Verification and and Trusted Device SIEM Integration are available today in North America, Europe, the APAC region, and Dell commercial PCs.