I cannot tell you how many times I’ve only had one hand available and needed to gain access to my OnePlus 3. When that happens, I better hope it’s either the hand with my associated fingerprint or the hand in question is dextrous enough to draw the security pattern on my device. When that isn’t the case, what can a person do? Well, thanks to OnePlus, it is possible to add a second fingerprint to the scanner. This means you could, say, use either your right or left index finger (or even a thumb).

This could also be used for another person, one that you would like to be able to view the contents of your device. Do note: Should you set this up, that person would gain access to your sensitive data–so add those third-party fingerprints with much caution.

Let me walk you through the process of adding that second fingerprint to your OnePlus device. I will be demonstrating on a OnePlus 3 running Android 7.1.1.

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Adding a new fingerprint

You’ve already set up one finger, now let’s add another. Open up the Settings window and then locate and tap Security & fingerprint. In the resulting window (Figure A), tap Add fingerprint.

Figure A

After you tap Add fingerprint, you will be prompted for your security PIN/pattern/password (you cannot use your fingerprint to pass through the security screen). In the next screen (Figure B), you will be prompted to press your finger against the scanner button (the device “home” button) and then lift. You will have to do this until the fingerprint is fully captured.

Figure B

Once the scanner has successfully captured your new fingerprint, press the power button on the device to lock it and then test the new fingerprint to make sure it works. Don’t worry, if it fails, you can always fall back on the original fingerprint.

That’s all there is to it. You can now unlock your device with more than one finger. This makes gaining access to your device so much easier–especially when you never know which hand it will wind up in.