There are many new features to be found in Android Oreo. A number of these features were created to make your life much more efficient. One such feature is notification dots. With this feature enabled, you will get a quick indication on either your home screen or your App Drawer that a notification is available for an app. Say, for instance, a new comment on one of your videos arrives in the YouTube app. With notification dots enabled, a tiny dot will appear in the upper right corner of the the application icon. This way, you don’t have to pull down that notification shade to know if you have a new email.

How do you enable this? Simple. However, there is one caveat. Notification dots won’t work with every home screen launcher. For example, they don’t work for the Google Now Launcher, but they do for the OnePlus Launcher. You’ll have to test this feature with your launcher of choice to see if it works. With that in mind, let’s enable.

To enable notification dots, open up the Settings app and go to Notifications. Once in Notifications, locate and tap the app you want to enable. Once in that app window, tap the slider for Allow notification dot. You can then go back and enable the feature for all the apps you need. Once you’re done, go back to your home screen and you should see notification dots start appearing on those enabled apps.

That’s it. You can now enjoy a more efficient means of being notified if something new has come through for an app, all thanks to Android Oreo.