How to prevent Android from adding new app icons to the home screen

Learn how to keep your Android home screen clutter free--even after installing new apps.

How to prevent Android from adding new icons to the homescreen for newly installed apps

If you're like me, you prefer an Android home screen bereft of clutter. That means maybe a few folders to hold icons and not much more. Keeping that home screen free from a chessboard of launchers means that you can quickly navigate to your apps, because you know exactly where their launchers are located. 

Thing is, out of the box, every time you install a new app it automatically adds a launcher for that app on the home screen. How frustrating is that when, after installing each application, you then have to tap and drag the home screen launcher to the top of the screen to remove it. 

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Fortunately, there's a way to prevent Android from adding icons to the home screen after a new application is installed. Even better, the process of disabling this feature is quite simple. Before we continue on, this process details the steps for certain home screen launchers, such as the Google Now Launcher, the Pixel Launcher, and the default launcher found on the Essential PH-1. Other home screen launchers might have a similar setting, but it will be found in a different location. 

Disabling the feature

Let me show you how to take care of this, demonstrating with a Pixel 3. 

  1. Long press a blank spot on the device home screen and tap Home Settings. 
  2. In the resulting window, tap the On/Off slider to disable Add icon to Home screen. 

Once that slider is in the Off position, you no longer need to worry about icons being added for newly installed apps. That's all there is to it. Enjoy that clutter-free Android home screen.

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