Android makes it incredibly easy to share files to and from your cloud account. This makes it easy to also access those files from any machine you have logged into that same Google account. But what if you needed this process to be a bit more immediate and include a universal clipboard, so you can copy text from your desktop and send it directly to your Android device? If that sounds appealing to you, there’s an app called Roamit that perfectly fits the bill.

Roamit allows you to send all types of files between your Windows and Android devices, as well as copy text from your Windows device to your Android device. You can associate as many devices to Roamit as necessary. They only have to be logged into the same Microsoft account. The app can function both to and from the Windows machine, as long as the intended devices are on the same wireless network.

Let’s get this app installed, and see how to move files and use the clipboard.

Installing the app

The first thing you need to do is install the app. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Open up the Google Play Store on your Android device
  • Search for Roamit
  • Locate and tap the entry by KandH
  • Tap Install
  • Allow the installation to complete

At this point, you should see a Roamit icon on your homescreen or in your App Drawer, or both. Hold off on launching the app until we get it set up on Windows first.

Installing on Windows 10

On the Windows side of things, the installation is simpler. Open up the Microsoft Store, search for Roamit, click Get, and allow it to install. Once installed, go ahead and restart Windows, or you’ll have issues when trying to connect to your mobile device.

Once Roamit is installed on Windows, you’ll need to open up the app, swipe through the welcome screen, and then log into a Microsoft account. This can be a Skype account (which is what I used), or another Microsoft account. Once you’ve logged in, you’ll have to okay the standard permissions for such an app. After all the permissions issues are taken care of, you’ll find yourself on the Roamit main window (Figure A).

Figure A

Connect your devices

Go back to your Android device and make sure the phone, or tablet is on the same wireless network as is the Windows machine. Once you’re connected to the network, open the Roamit app and walk through the same procedure you did with the Windows app. After you’ve signed in and given the necessary permissions, you’ll find yourself on the Android Roamit main window (Figure B).

Figure B

At the bottom of both Roamit windows, you should see the name of the other device listed. If you don’t see that immediately, give it time and it’ll show up. Once the name of the other device is listed, you can then start using the app.


Using Roamit is as simple as you might think–at least for sending files. You simply tap the SEND FILE button, locate your file, and then send it. It works the same from Windows to Android and Android to Windows.

To use the clipboard, you simply copy the text you want to send from any app, go back to the Roamit window, and click Clipboard. Once you receive confirmation the text has sent, head over to your Android device, open the app you want to copy the text into, long press the text area, and select Paste. The text from the Roamit clipboard will paste and you’re ready to go.

A minor caveat

There’s one slight caveat: Roamit doesn’t always work so well when sending files from Android to Windows. It took a couple of reboots on the Windows side to get this to work consistently. As you might expect, the app on the Android side is solid, whereas the Windows 10 side of things aren’t always quite as reliable, which could be more a problem with the Windows 10 platform. But when you do get this working, it performs well, serving a much-needed purpose that many will appreciate.

Give Roamit a try. It’s free, so what do you have to lose (beside a bit of precious time)?