Microsoft’s Teams collaboration platform has a feature that’s popular with mobile devices users: Dark mode. The dark mode feature reduces eye fatigue and encourages better sleep, and it looks better in my opinion. Plus, dark mode is a battery saver on iOS and Android devices, so it stands to reason that it can reduce battery drain on your laptop as well (depending on the type of display you have). That goes doubly for a work app like Microsoft Teams. If you aren’t near a wall plug, you’ll want to reduce every bit of battery drain possible, and dark mode can turn off pixels to squeeze every last drop of charge out of your computer.

Microsoft didn’t make dark mode the easiest feature to find in Teams, though. You’ll need to know where the Settings menu is, and it’s not in the most obvious place.

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With Microsoft Teams open, look to the upper right hand corner for the silhouette that shows your status. It should have a check mark next to it if you’re available, a red dot for busy, a red dot with a line through it for do not disturb, etc. (Figure A). This is where the Settings menu is hidden.

Figure A

Click the silhouette, and you’ll open the Settings menu (Figure B). You can see a lot of basic options, like changing your state from available to away, setting a status message, looking at saved chats, and the like.

Figure B

To find the dark mode toggle, look for Settings, which should be the fourth item down. When you click it, the Settings window will open to the General tab, where you’ll see the dark mode toggle right at the top (Figure C).

Figure C

There’s also an option for high contrast mode, which will make all the UI elements clearly defined and easier to see, which is ideal for those who have a hard time seeing things clearly on a computer screen.

Once you select the option you prefer, you can close the menu, and you’ll be ready to enjoy saving your battery and eyes with Microsoft Teams in dark mode.