How to use LinkedIn to find a job with a higher salary

Salary rates are one of the top motivating factors for today's workforce. Here's how LinkedIn's latest tool helps promote salary transparency.

LinkedIn will use Bing data to help you find a better tech job

Salary information on job listings is extremely important to job seekers, as 70% of business professionals want to learn about their potential salary in their first interaction with a recruiter, LinkedIn found. A good salary is also the top motivating factor for employees to work hard, surpassing other priorities like work-life balance and growth opportunities.

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LinkedIn has made strides to increase salary transparency in the past: LinkedIn Salary, introduced in 2016, gives job seekers up-to-date information about factors that impact how much they are paid. The job search engine is now adding to its salary insights, introducing Jobs Where You Could Make More Money insight on LinkedIn Jobs, according to a Monday press release.

Starting today, when a candidate searches jobs on LinkedIn in the US, UK, and Canada, the site generates personalized insights about the jobs where they could make more money. More than 25% of talent professionals said they notify candidates about wages, but this tool makes it easy to compare competing company offers during the job search process.

Some of the most promising posted jobs with the highest salaries include site reliability engineer, with a median base salary of $200,000; enterprise account executive, with a median base salary of $183,000; and machine learning engineer, with a median base salary of $182,000, the release said

When starting to job hunt, candidates should do their research, remain transparent, and not be afraid to make a counter offer when it comes to salary, said the release, potentially using this tool to make a decision on which jobs to apply for or accept.

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The big takeaways for tech leaders:

  • LinkedIn's latest search tool lets job seekers compare salaries of different companies and job positions. -- LinkedIn, 2019
  • Salary transparency is incredibly important for 70% of business professionals, and LinkedIn is trying to help. -- LinkedIn 2019

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