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Projects can quickly become very complicated, and to make matters worse, you might have teams that are working with two different platforms. For example, you might have a team that uses Jira for issue tracking and Trello for project management.

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Having to bounce back and forth between platforms isn’t exactly the most efficient use of your time. Fortunately, you can ease that a bit by integrating those two tools, such that you only have to view one to get the benefit of both.

By linking Trello and Jira you can:

  • View Jira tasks and epics via Trello cards.
  • View important issues in Trello card backs.
  • View color-coded badges for linked issues.
  • Create new Jira issues from Trello cards.
  • Access your Jira project from a link in your Trello board.

Does that sound like something you might want? If so, let’s make it happen.

What you’ll need to integrate Trello and Jira

The only things you’ll need to make this happen are Trello and Jira accounts. Neither of these needs to be paid accounts, but you do get considerably more features on each with paid plans.

With that said, let’s get right to the integration.

How to integrate Trello and Jira

This is all taken care of in Trello with the help of Power-Ups. You’ll first want to log in to both your Trello and Jira accounts in the same browser. Once you’ve logged in, go to your Trello account, select a Workspace and Board where you want the integration, and click the Power-Ups button. In the resulting popup menu, click Add Power-Ups.

In the Power-Ups window, search for Jira and click the Add button associated with the Jira Power-Up (Figure A).

Figure A

Adding the Jira Power-Up to Trello.

Once the Power-Up has been added, click the Settings button (Figure B).

Figure B

The Jira Power-Up can now be configured.

From the resultant pop-up, click Edit Power-Up Settings, and then, when prompted (Figure C), click Connect to Jira.

Figure C

Ready to connect Trello to Jira?

In the next pop-up (Figure D), you must paste the link to your Jira account, which will be only the site domain, such as Paste your link into the field and then click Connect to Jira.

Figure D

You must paste the link to your Jira domain here.

A new pop-up window will appear (Figure E), where you must give Jira the necessary authorization for Trello.

Figure E

Authorizing Jira access to Trello.

Click Authorize and the two accounts will be integrated. You should now see a Jira button in the top navigation of your board (Figure F).

Figure F

The Jira link takes you to your linked account.

You will also see a new Jira button within your cards (Figure G), where you can add a Jira issue to the card or create a Jira issue from the card.

Figure G

The new Jira button in a Trello card.

And that’s all there is to integrating Trello and Jira. If you use both services, you would do well to combine them to make for a much more efficient workflow.

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