Microsoft To-Do for Mac: The free task tracking app's standout features

Microsoft's To-Do is now available for Mac. Here are the details about the free task tracking app, including which functions have not been ported to the Mac version yet.


Figure A: The Microsoft To-Do My Day screen can list tasks, alternative views, and specific task information within a single, customizable window.

Task tracking and management is among the most needed function of every worker. Numerous solutions, from Apple's Reminders to The Omni Group's OmniFocus to cloud apps such as Asana, serve to fulfill the need. Many organizations standardize operations using Microsoft technologies, which makes the recent introduction of Microsoft To-Do for Mac an important event for Mac users. While Microsoft To-Do was already available for iOS users, there was previously no Mac-specific version.

Among the task management app's most popular features is its My Day view, which provides a daily schedule and lists recommended corresponding tasks. Because Microsoft To-Do synchronizes with your Office 365 account, your task list, additions, and changes stay in sync on whichever devices—whether iOS, macOS or Microsoft powers the device—you connect to the account. Further, Microsoft To-Do supports sharing both lists and individual tasks with authorized coworkers, business partners, family, and friends (Figure A). Task synchronization is also supported between To-Do and Microsoft Outlook.

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The app's Planner integration isn't yet ported to the Mac, but Microsoft's announcement promised coders are working to bring that function and the Assigned to Me list over.

Other standard features are present, though. Using color-coding, you can sort various projects and initiatives into various lists. The Mac program supports setting single occurrence and recurring tasks, as well as dividing more complex projects into multiple, smaller bite-size pieces.

Tasks often require accompanying explanatory information or contact details, and Microsoft To-Do includes the ability to add notes to each task. The app's support for associating files (up to 25MB in size) with tasks makes the program that much more enterprise ready.

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Cost and requirements

The small and compact program, which sports a simple interface, is free. Requirements call for only macOS 1013 or later and a 64-bit processor.

Demonstrating Microsoft's commitment to the app, which better leverages investments you or your organization have already made in Office 365, is the fact that the company backs To-Do with its own Twitter feedproduct page, and support center.

Privacy terms

In order to use the program, Microsoft To-Do users must accept the requisite privacy terms. Microsoft states it's the company's policy to not use the app's data or permit others to use the data for advertising purposes. However, Microsoft notes the company does collect diagnostic and usage information to help maintain the program's security and performance. That said, Microsoft's privacy data note states the diagnostic and usage information does not include your name, task, or list content, nor does the information collected included information about apps unrelated to Microsoft To-Do.

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