The coronavirus is forcing more people to stay home these days. And with all of them looking for ways to stay busy and entertained, streaming video services are an obvious option. But with all the choices out there, which services are the most popular, and how do people juggle them all? A survey from sheds some light on where consumers go to stream their favorite shows.

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Based on a recent survey of 500 people in the US, found that Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and Disney+ were the most popular streaming services in the country. But among them all, Netflix came in first place, chosen by 47% of the respondents as the one they would pick if they could select only one. Amazon Prime Video came in second with a 14% vote, followed by Hulu at 13.6%, and Disney+ at 13%.

When choosing a go-to streaming services, consumers weigh several factors, including price, user experience, and bundling options. But when picking their favorite service, 75% of the respondents pointed to content as the top reason. On this front, Netflix offers binge-worthy original and non-original content, a blend that people clearly like.

Though a lot of consumers have one favorite service, in many cases, one just isn’t enough. To grab more of their favorite shows and other content, 57% of respondents said they subscribe to at least two streaming services. Some 14% said they pay for four or more services. Of course, the more services you buy, the more your monthly bill approaches or even surpasses that of a regular cable TV subscription. That tends to defeat the whole objective of using a streaming service to lower your costs.

However, one way that people keep down their monthly streaming bills are by “borrowing” someone else’s service. A full 43% of those surveyed admitted that they use another person’s login for at least one streaming service to which they don’t subscribe. Though streaming services have rules against login sharing across different households, many people don’t seem to be mind tiptoeing past that restriction.

One other way that people save money is by signing up for a free trial subscription and then cancelling before the trial is over. In that case, though, you’re forced to truly binge watch your favorite shows as many such trials last for just a week.

Finally, how many services can consumers and the industry handle? Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, CBS All Access, HBO NOW, Sling TV, and AT&T TV NOW are just a few of the current ones. More services, such as NBC’s Peacock, are coming down the road. Well, some 49% of the respondents said they are overwhelmed by the number of available streaming services. And with more media companies rolling out their own individual streaming channels, that feeling of being overwhelmed isn’t likely to go away anytime soon.

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