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We'll use this article as a way to let you know about some of our most recently published content, including what we published under the Tech Pro Research brand before we relaunched as TechRepublic Premium, and what's on the horizon. So check back regularly.

Here's a sample of our recent content and what we'll be working on in the coming months.

Upcoming TechRepublic Premium content in 2020:

  • Pandemic response policy
  • Remote access checklist
  • VPN policy
  • Social media policy
  • Mobile device computing policy
  • Incident response policy
  • Shadow IT policy
  • Identity theft protection policy
  • SLA policy
  • Guidebook to filling out an RFP
  • Hiring Kit: Mobile Application Developer
  • Hiring Kit: Computer Research Scientist
  • Hiring Kit: Application Engineer
  • Hiring Kit: Application Support Engineer
  • eLearning policy
  • Big Data ebook  
  • Industrial IoT Security ebook
  • G Suite ebook
  • Artificial Intelligence ebook
  • Hottest Tech Jobs ebook
  • Tech Salary and Job ebook
  • Blockchain Integration Specialist Hiring Kit
  • Special Feature Report: Robotics
  • Collaboration Software ebook
  • Employee checklist and access policy
  • Hiring Kit: Application Engineer
  • Equipment reassignment policy
  • Special Feature Report: Data Privacy
  • Hiring Kit: Computer Research Scientist
  • Hiring Kit: Mobile Application Developer
  • Hiring Kit: Game Developer
  • Hiring Kit: Application engineer
  • Email migration checklist
  • Special Feature Report: Tech Budgets
  • Password Checklist 
  • Special Feature Report: Digital Transformation
  • PC and Mac Migration Checklist 
  • Special Feature Report: Quantum computing
  • Special Feature Report: Multicloud
  • Video conferencing policy

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