The behavior of those in management directly correlates with employee satisfaction, according to The Predictive Index 2018 People Management Survey. Respondents consisted of 5,104 workers from 22 industries, making this survey the largest-ever of its kind, according to the press release.

A manager’s quality has a major impact on employee engagement: 94% of employees with good bosses said they had positive feelings toward their jobs, while 41% of respondents with bad managers said they had more negative feelings toward their jobs, according to the release.

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The survey discovered that great managers reported having strong work ethic (82%), honesty (80%), confidence (79%), and a sense of humor (79%), which motivated employees to have a positive attitude at work.

However, the study found bad managers to generally lack self-awareness and emotional intelligence. Bad managers tend to play favorites (57%), badmouth colleagues (54%), prove themselves right (52%), and fail to set clear expectations 58%), according to the survey. These qualities make it very difficult for employees to feel motivated toward success. In fact, 77% of respondents cited bad managers as the reason they are looking for work elsewhere, said the press release.

“Great people managers are at the heart of any businesses talent strategy,” said Mike Zani, CEO of The Predictive Index, in the press release. “That’s why we wanted to gain insights about the managers who inspire employees and, conversely, push their best employees away. Engaged workers are every businesses’ most important asset. Knowing what those people want in a manager makes work better for everyone.”

Millennials perform slightly better than managers of other generations, according to the report. But regardless of age, the survey determined feedback to be vital to the success of a manager. Employees gave bosses who provided good feedback higher ratings (average of 8.6/10), according to the press release. While managers who provided little feedback were rated poorly (average of 4.2/10).

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The big takeaways for tech leaders:

  • Employee engagement directly correlates with the attitude and behavior of managers. — The Predictive Index, 2018
  • A major deciding factor in a good or bad manager is the amount of feedback they give: More feedback means more employee satisfaction. — The Predictive Index, 2018