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Based on data from recruiter Harvey Nash, about 40% of tech professionals surveyed actually made more money during the pandemic, which is a pretty strong indication that sector is not cooling off any time soon. If you want to add Raspberry Pi, Arduino and robotics skills to your resume, even if you are a complete beginner, you can get the training with “The 2021 Raspberry Pi & Arduino Bootcamp Bundle.”

No Raspberry Pi experience is required in order to take “Raspberry Pi For Beginners: Complete Course.” You’ll find out how to use Python 3, GPIOs, Flask and more to create impressive projects. You also won’t need any experience to take “Arduino for Beginners: Complete Course.” All of the hands-on activities and Arduino projects will take you from novice to expert. Then you can follow up with the “Arduino OOP (Object Oriented Programming)” class. It will teach you how to use object-oriented programming with Arduino via a step-by-step project.

These courses have all been given an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars by previous students. Instructor Edouard Renard used Raspberry Pi, Ubuntu, Arduino and ROS to build a robotic arm completely from scratch when he co-founded a robotics startup in 2016.

Next, you’ll be building powerful, scalable robots by the end of “ROS2 for Beginners,” before moving on to “Learn ROS2 as a ROS1 Developer & Migrate Your ROS Projects.” One verified purchaser of this bundle, Benjamin L, offered two main reasons he gave this e-learning bundle a rating of five stars: “I can study at my own pace and improve my resume with certifications.”

This is a good opportunity improve your electronics, programming and robotics skills. Get “The 2021 Raspberry Pi & Arduino Bootcamp Bundle” of five courses today, while it’s available for just $19.99 (normal price is $995).

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