The majority of employees have told some sort of lie at work, according to a recent SimplyHired blog post. While lying can be detrimental for employees, both during the hiring process and in the job, the report focused on the number of white lies or fibs employees say in the workplace.

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Based upon the responses of more than 1,000 full-time US employees, the report determined the following 10 lies to be the most frequent in the workplace:

  1. I’m not sick/not feeling well (60%)
  2. I already have plans after work (60%)
  3. There was traffic on my way in (48%)
  4. I’m working on it right now (47%)
  5. I can’t come in because I have an appointment (46%)
  6. I’m just tired (41%)
  7. I never got your email or message (36%)
  8. You look good today (33%)
  9. I liked your suggestion (31%)
  10. You’re doing a great job (29%)

Employees aren’t the only ones guilty of lying, with managers admitting to lying once a week or more, the report found. Managers actually told white lies more frequently than entry-level employees or associate employees. Some of the most common lies managers said they tell include “we don’t have the budget for that,” “I need this as soon as possible,” and “that was my idea.”

A correlation exists between job satisfaction and the amount of white lies an employee tells, the report found. Those were slightly or not at all happy with their work lied more than twice as often as employees who said they were extremely happy in their jobs.

The tech sector came in no. 2 as the industry that tells the most white lies, with the hotel, food services, and hospitality industry coming in at no. 1.

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