YouTube is adapting its video player options and making “vertical video syndrome” a thing of the past.

According to Android Police, YouTube is ditching the permanent 16:9 frame and allowing videos to be any size to better adjust to different window sizes. YouTube began doing this for the mobile app in March, the report stated, but the feature is now spreading to desktop.

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The black bars around ill-fitted videos have been removed, Android Police noted. The 16:9 videos have also grown in size, which will push all of the other content down on the page on desktop for a better viewing experience.

YouTube isn’t alone in adapting video to better suit the mobile world. Last month, Instagram announced IGTV, a video system that only allows vertical video on its platform.

Business users can utilize the vertical video function to create ads before YouTube videos of the same frame ratio, or to film marketing or social media videos. Because the frame is so mobile-friendly, businesses can now create vertical training or welcome videos that employees can watch on their mobile devices.

According to reporting from our sister site CNET, YouTube is also unrolling a “dark mode” for Android, following several other sites and devices doing so. YouTube’s dark mode was already available to iOS users.

The big takeaways for tech leaders:

  • YouTube now adapts to fit videos of all sizes, not just 16:9.
  • YouTube also launched dark mode for Android devices.