Tech professionals are generally satisfied with their current employers, but the vast majority say they are still open to roles at other organizations, according to a Tuesday report from recruiting firm LaSalle Network.

Of the 4,000 technologists surveyed, 64% said they are either satisfied or very satisfied with their overall happiness at their current employer, with those with less than five years of experience reporting the highest levels of happiness. Similar numbers of employees reported satisfaction with their benefits (63%) and company culture (65%) at their current company.

However, fewer tech workers are happy with their growth and development opportunities, the survey found. Only 45% of employees said they were satisfied with their career path at their current employer, and another 45% said they were satisfied with training and development opportunities offered at their workplace.

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These factors combined with a hot job market led 78% of tech workers surveyed to say they are open to new job opportunities–not great news for companies, who are struggling to find tech talent in the first place, let alone replace the employees they do have.

Here are the top three reasons why tech employees say they are open to a new position at another company:

  1. Seeking better benefits
  2. Career change
  3. Unclear career path

When looking for a new role, tech workers prioritize compensation, work-life balance, and benefits, in that order, according to the survey. Some 86% said they use online job boards in their job search, with Indeed, LinkedIn, and Glassdoor named the most popular. Half of tech employees surveyed said they received two to four job offers this year alone.

On the employer side, 63% of organizations said it’s either difficult or very difficult ot find skilled workers, making it the top challenge for two consecutive years, the survey found. Some 48% said it was challenging to meet compensation requirements, and 45% said it was difficult to identify diverse candidates. However, 74% of respondents said they plan to add headcount in 2019, up from 65% last year. Some 61% said they plan to increase wages in 2019 as well.

The big takeaways for tech leaders:

  • While 64% of tech workers said they are satisfied with their overall happiness at their current employer, 78% said they are open to new opportunities. — LaSalle Network, 2018
  • Tech workers are open to a new job because they are seeking better benefits, a career change, or a more clear career path. — LaSalle Network, 2018