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Digital nomads should always heed the principles of Murphy’s law while traveling and working from the open road. After all, anything that can go wrong could go awry when juggling hotel check-ins and complimentary Wi-Fi amid Zoom fatigue. To assist wayfaring professionals this travel season, there are a number of handy apps to keep at the ready.

Sure, most people have preferred apps for hotel bookings and navigation. But what about an app to locate nearby Wi-Fi connectivity or pinpoint the closest spot to grab a slice of pizza? Don’t be an amateur. Below, I’ve highlighted 8 apps to keep digital nomads connected, on itinerary and privy to the local happenings as they work and play this travel season.

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The Roadtrippers app helps travelers plan their route, locate sightseeing opportunities along the way, save these collections and share them with other members of their caravan. On a regional or cross-country adventure, planning is everything and roadside attractions are a welcome sight after hundreds of miles of highway.

A set hit list of sightseeing opportunities will keep you from overlooking hidden gems along the way. After all, you don’t want to find out you were mere miles away from the world’s largest pistachio and didn’t even catch a glimpse of the majestic monument. You may never forgive yourself. (Side note: The world’s largest pistachio is actually worth a stopover if you’re traveling through Southern New Mexico. Pro tip: Grab a bag of ‘staches for the road.) Available on the App Store and Google Play.

Internet Speed Test Speedcheck

Wi-Fi connectivity is a must in the remote work era. This app provides a snappy on-site Wi-Fi speed test to measure connectivity. After the test, the app uses a five-point system to list performance metrics for email, browsing, gaming, streaming and video chat. The app interface includes a “Wi-Fi Finder” button, but you will need to install a separate app to use this feature. Available on the App Store and Google Play. (Available on the App Store and Google Play.)

SAP Concur

When mixing business trips with a leisurely escape, keeping track of expenses can get tricky. The SAP Concur app helps travelers log business expenses, maintain digital receipts, peruse itinerary information, track rental car mileage, book flights and more. Available on the App Store and Google Play.

Pizza Compass

Not so long ago, pizza was recognized as a vegetable, making it easier for humans to hit their recommended veggie serving target by devouring a single Hot-N-Ready. Nutritional arguments aside, pizza remains perennially popular around the globe and the Pizza Compass app quite literally will point you in the direction of the slice nearest you. Available on the App Store.

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The TripIt app makes it easy to stay abreast of your full travel itinerary in-app and access key details offline. Earlier this year, Tripit announced a new COVID-19 guidance feature to list pandemic-related travel information for areas around the globe. This includes local COVID “hotspots,” quarantine measures for new arrivals and more. Other app features like the Neighborhood Safety Score helps travelers assess destinations before going all-in on a visit or booking in the area. Available on the App Store and Google Play.


For digital nomads looking to explore the outdoors, nearby hiking and camping trips can offer a refreshing escape from city life. The AllTrails app helps travelers peruse hikes, biking trails, backpacking trips and more. User-submitted information about trails and locations provides a granular level of site-specific detail to fine-tune the search for that next adventure. Available on the App Store and Google Play.


Untethered and on the move, traveling remote workers are often at the will of their environment. The aptly named “Flush” app helps digital nomads locate public restrooms in cities around the world; the merits of which are self-evident and mutually understood. Moving on. Available on the App Store.

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Crowdsourcing information is one of the best ways for travelers to get the inside scoop on a city without bothering the locals and Yelp is a great option. The app makes it easy to search stays, dining options, attractions and set filters to suit your preferences. The bookmark feature conveniently categorizes hit lists such as lunch spots, coffee shops, dives with great happy hours and must-see attractions for quick access. Available on the App Store and Google Play.