In recent years, biking has surged around the US as more people continue to cycle to work, venture around town, and more. Needless to say, biking for pleasure or exercise is a popular activity for many and there are myriad cycling accessories to enhance the overall experience. Below, we’ve featured eight gifts for bicyclists to take bike rides to another level. Be sure to check out all of TechRepublic’s holiday gift guides

SENA R1 smart cycling helmet

Image: SENA

The SENA RI is a bicycling helmet for the smart device era. The Bluetooth-enabled helmet with built-in audio speakers pairs with a rider’s smartphone allowing them to listen to music and podcasts on the open road and more. The helmet also touts a microphone for hands-free calling and noise-canceling capabilities to help reduce background disturbances during conversations. Up to four cyclists can communicate over short distances using the group intercom feature and FM radio integration allows those so-inclined to dial into their favorite local stations.

Sportneer bike trainer stand

Image: Sportneer

Indoor bike trainers are a popular cycling accessory for athletes who train year-round. This Sportneer model is compatible with a wide range of bicycle models and uses six resistance settings to keep indoor training regimens fresh. Five rubberized nonslip components along the bottom keep the unit firmly in place during workouts and an easy-to-use bike release makes attaching and detaching bicycles a cinch.

Wahoo TICKR FIT heart rate monitor

Image: Amazon

Dedicated heart rate monitors are a great way to track fitness metrics and gauge cycling workouts. This Bluetooth-enabled Wahoo model connects with compatible devices to detail workout information such as heart rate, calories burned, and more. The monitor also works with many popular fitness apps including Zwift, Runkeeper, Runtastic, Peloton, and others, according to the manufacturer.

Waterproof Bluetooth speaker

Image: Amazon

This handlebar-mounted Bluetooth speaker is a thoughtful gift for cyclists who like to listen to playlists or podcasts on the move. This model also includes a built-in microphone to support hands-free calling. Between bike rides, the speaker comes with a metal carabiner to clip along a backpack for added versatility on outings.

Topeak Aero bike pack

Image: Amazon

In the smart device era, many individuals prefer to carry their phones with them on bike rides. Unfortunately, most stock bicycles come without onboard cargo compartments. With an adjustable nylon strap and buckle, this Topeak unit firmly attaches to a wide range of seat models to stow personal items on the go. The coated exterior is water-resistant and a reflective strip along the rear to boost visibility on the roadways.

Bicycle repair kit

Image: Amazon

Whether it’s a casual trip around the block or a grueling long-distance workout, flat tires and mechanical issues happen. This accessory acts as an all-in-one emergency kit for common bike repairs. The unit includes a versatile multitool, tube repair kit, tire lever, a bike pump, and more. Two straps hold the model in place along the frame or individuals can stow the accessory in their backpack during trips for peace of mind.

Bike tail light and turning signals

Image: Amazon

Bike lights are great gifts for cyclists who often ride on heavily trafficked roads. This rear bike light touts multiple lighting modes as well as a brake light and turning signals. Riders control the light settings and turn signals via a small handlebar-mounted device. The model is rechargeable via USB and carries an IPX4 waterproof rating for added durability.

Vont 'Scope' bike light

Image: Amazon

While a taillight is a great way to increase posterior visibility for approaching vehicles, a front headlight is also a biking must; especially for cyclists who prefer night rides. This Vont model dishes out 120 lumens to illuminate the roadway ahead and uses an adjustable mount to attach to the handlebars. As an added bonus, this model also comes with a taillight for panoramic visibility.

Bicycle phone mount

Image: Amazon

A bicycle phone mount is a popular bicycling accessory. Rather than perpetually stowing and unstowing a smartphone to change tracks or answer phone calls, bicycle mounts allow riders to keep their phone front-and-center along the handlebars. This enables riders to easily swipe through to that next track or answer an incoming call with minimal distraction or repositioning.