First adopter or not, check out these nine office items designed to help you work more efficiently, and maybe more cleverly.

Timekettle WT2 language translator

Image: Amazon

It looks like a pair of regular earbuds, but the voice translator earbuds actually support 40 languages and 88 accents. Users each get an earbud and via a wireless Bluetooth translator you can experience real-time translation, but you’ll need the proprietary app and the internet. Much better than carrying on a conversation via a translation app on your phone where you have to show each other the screen. Suitable for iOS and Android. Comes with two extra buds and a charging case.

iStorage diskAshur PRO2

Image: Amazon

If you have cybersecurity issues, consider this PIN-protected way (seven- to 15-digit PIN) to secure your data. It is a 256-bit, 500 GB, USB 3.1 secure encrypted hard drive. The description says the PIN authentication enables “you to securely access the drive with your own unique 7-15-digit PIN and with software free setup and operation, the drive is platform/device independent and works across all operating systems including all versions of MS Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, Chrome, Thin Clients, Zero Clients and embedded systems.”

Omnicharge Omni Ultimate battery charger

Image: Amazon

This battery charger, which can output up to 150W DC, is approved as airplane safe and is both dust and splash resistant with rubber flaps covering its power outputs. It can charge laptops, DSLR cameras, and more, with its 60W USB-C ports. It can be charged via a solar panel, and has a removable battery with an interchangeable battery system so you can replace batteries once depleted. There is also a 230V EU version.

eMeet Note N1 Smart Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Speakerphone

Image: Amazon

Described as an AI voice-to-text Bluetooth speakerphone with AI role recording, it allows both ends to speak at the same time, and supports instant VTT conversion in up to 22 languages. eMeet Note N1 can organize content into manuscripts and use templates to record what people say separately. Requires the download of eMeet app, registering and connecting a Note. The Note N1 uploads records to 32 GB cloud space. The manuscript and recording are available to share immediately after the meeting. Link mobile phone using the same Wi-Fi as the N1. While 20 hours a month of transcription for a year is initially included, it becomes a pay service after the year is up.

Prezi Video

Image: Prezi

The latest version of Prezi Video allows the user to infuse themselves onto their videos. This video-recording software, a favorite in education circles, features quick-editing capabilities to add graphics in real time to videos such as tutorials, live webinars, trainings, lesson plans, and social videos. They call it “designed for people who aren’t designers.” You can repurpose an existing Prezi or PowerPoint presentation, choose from a library of images and templates, or start from scratch. The zoomable presentation platform also works for streaming meetings. Users can create: Videos on the web using more than 50 designer templates, videos on their desktop (Mac and Windows) users can import and convert existing Prezi or PowerPoint presentations, and create videos to share online or stream live.

The basic price for Prezi Video is free, but additional features are available with a monthly subscription service of $7 to $59.

Compact in-office treadmill

Image: Amazon

Too busy to hit the gym? Weather too inclement to walk around the block? You can still hit your 10,000 steps goal with Egofit’s compact under-desk in-office treadmill. It’s three-times smaller than a conventional walking treadmill and weighs only 43 lbs. It works for walkers 254 lbs and under, and has a tracking display for steps, time, speed and calories.


Image: Amazon

The underdesk SitFlow brings exercise to your office desk, improving posture and increasing circulation, not to mention burning calories while you work.

Soundproof Office Phone Booths

Image: ROOM

With open office floor plans gaining traction over traditional office settings, privacy (or simply quiet) can be a challenge, thus, the Soundproof Office Phone Booth, with recycled-material insulation, a desk and magnetic board for brainstorming, smart sensors to activate the two fans and LED lights for energy efficiency, and two power outlets and an ethernet port. Available in white or grey.

Epson Color Duplex Scanner

Image: Amazon

Epson America just introduced the high-speed WorkForce ES-865 color duplex document scanner, designed for high-volume businesses. Epson says it can scan stacks of documents unattended, and speeds through both sides of a document in a single pass at fast speeds of up to 65 ppm/130 ipm.