Affinity by Serif came onto the scene a few years ago to challenge the likes of Adobe and other software giants proving there are less expensive, yet quality creative software options available such as seen with its Affinity Photo application, which is a direct competition to Photoshop; and Affinity Designer, which competes with the likes of Adobe Illustrator.

Now, the company is adding Affinity Publisher and StudioLink apps to its portfolio, which it introduced at Affinity 2019 held in Stockholm this past June.

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Powerful publishing tools

After roughly three years of development, Affinity Publisher will compete with Adobe’s InDesign. Affinity Publisher is an app designed to help content creators build captivating visual and graphic documents such as magazines, books, and posters. The Publisher app offers an intuitive user interface, which resembles the interfaces of Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer. Because of this design, going from app-to-app becomes more natural for the user.

The demo of this application blew my mind. The app’s menus and windows moved around with ease. Processing of filters or edits were almost instantaneous. This app, as well as Affinity Photo and Designer, offers outstanding efficiency updates to leverage GPU power on computer systems based on the Metal framework. Even if you’re dealing with large files such as a 100-megapixel photo, the applications will not stutter or hesitate during processing or slow down your edit-flow.

Affinity Publisher is currently available only on MacOS and Windows for $39.99. The app will be available on the iPad next year said Ashley Hewson, Managing Director of Serif.

Bringing it all together

The new app from the team at Serif is great news, but it’s not the biggest story here. Studio Link is the creative artists’ gold at the end of the rainbow. Studio Link is the framework within the Affinity family of applications, which allows the apps to seamlessly work with each other while you work on a project. For example, if you’re in Affinity Publisher and the embedded image on your flyer needs a color adjustment, you can hop over to Affinity Photo with one click to make those adjustments, then one click returns you back to Affinity Publisher (Figure A).

Figure A

Unlike the Dynamic Link offered by Adobe Creative Cloud, the one-click action to get into another Affinity app is instantaneous. There’s no waiting for the app to load. There’s no additional windows to open. The magic happens within the same window, and you can barely tell that the interface switches to the tools you need based on the app you click because the Affinity family of apps are so tightly integrated and similar in UI. It’s brilliant.


The Affinity family of apps further proves that the company is a force to reckon with in the creative space. Currently, you can get any of the apps for $39.99 which is a 20% discount. There is no subscription model. Point updates are free, but major updates will require a fee.